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Planning Goals and Scope of Work

The comprehensive campus master planning, which was adopted by the University Board of Trustees in 1994, needs updating. The following are the propo sed planning goals and scope of work


Review and update the goals, objectives, and elements of the Comprehensive Campus Master Plan

Building Uses/Space Needs

Photo of the UNH LibraryIdentify space needs for Liberal Arts, student services, academic support, and administrative functions. Incorporate recent reports on space needs for CEPS, COLSA, HHS, WSBE, and UNH-M. Utilize existing data for facilities conditions, and augment as necessary. Identify options for space allocation, relocation, and new space to meet these needs


Analyze current data and anticipated needs for parking, transit, access to and movement within campus Evaluate quantity and locations for adequate parking based upon a transportation demand management framework Evaluate road and walkway systems, traffic impacts on town streets, and options for improvements and ways to minimize traffic impacts for planned growth Identify transportation facilities and infrastructure improvements and develop systemic strategies for implementation

Land Use

Photo of President's residenceIdentify net useable land areas, appropriate densities, highest and best use for: main campus, Craig Supply property, and outlying properties.

Landscape Master Plan

Develop a landscape plan for the main campus lands that considers the natural ecosystems, as well as the college campus character. The plan will be specific enough to guide planting choices for specific projects, planting gifts to the University, and the locations of public art.

Project Priorities

Identify each capital project, funding source, occupant(s), and the desired sequence. Delineate the relationship between projects that must be done in series. Renovations, demolitions, new structures, utilities, and site improvements shall all be included.


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