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Meeting Notes

Campus Master Plan Durham Community Forum - 4/24/2012 Campus Master Planning Committee Meeting - 4/19/2012 Campus Master Plan Open Forum - 4/17/2012 Campus Master Planning Committee Meeting - 2/7/2012 Campus Master Planning Committee General Forum - 11/3/2011

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Steering Committee Update on the Center for the Arts Study - 11/3/2011

These images were developed as part of a presentation to the Campus Master Plan Steering Committee.  They convey some of the important aspects of the 2004 plan as well as the early planning efforts for the 2012 CMP Update.  The new information provided here is very preliminary and focuses on a broad range of CFA goals as well as setting the stage for site alternatives. As the process matures the goals will be refined.  As a result of related site studies Sites  5, 7, 8, 9, and 10 will be considered further.  The next installment of CFA information is anticipated in early December.

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