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The 2012 Campus Master Plan

The 2012 Campus Master Plan was endorsed by President Huddleston and subsequently approved by the USNH Board of Trustees in fall 2013 - in coordination with other University System campus plan updates.  The approved plan maintains the goals, recommendations, and projects presented to the Durham and Campus community in fall 2012.  The document served as a light update of the ‘04 Master Plan. 

Plan Development

The Plan benefited greatly from active community participation and dialog over the course of 18 months. The University was tasked with bringing forth bold initiatives and critically evaluating future. Steering and Master Plan Committees provided leadership to the consulting team lead by Architerra Associates.

Our Plan development was focused on core goals including reviewing space utilization, forging alignment with the 2010 Academic Plan and developing strategies to ensure the institution's flexibility in adjusting to multiple (growth and resource) scenarios over the next two decades. This was blended with refinement of scope and detail on key issues such as a future Center for the Arts, campus growth and development strategies, public-private ventures, graduate and family housing and academic building utilization and reuse.

The 2012 Plan is part of a comprehensive development foundation and ongoing planning process enlightened by prior Strategic, Academic and Master Plans. These policies, combined with strong leadership, keep the University of New Hampshire well positioned for the changing dynamics of higher education.

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