Welcome to the UNH Computational Mechanics Lab (CML) Website!

Director of the lab: Professor Igor Tsukrov

The University of New Hampshire Computational Mechanics Lab (CML) is a Mechanical Engineering research lab located in Kingsbury Hall, room S212. The list of software used in the lab:

  • MSC Marc/Mentat FEA Package;
  • MSC Dytran/Patran FEA Package;
  • AquaFE FEA Package;
  • ABAQUS FEA Package;
  • MathCad;
  • SolidWorks;
  • JMP9 Statistical Package;
  • ... soda, coffee and cookies :-) ...
The research activities conducted at CML:

  • multiscale numerical modeling of composite materials and structures;
  • investigation of mechanical properties of porous media;
  • design and modeling of dynamical response of flexible structures used in open ocean aquaculture;
  • studies of copper alloys for marine applications;
  • sheet metal forming modeling;
  • ... and other cool stuff :-) ...

CML team members work closely with other UNH research groups (Design and Manufacturing Laboratory, Mechanics, Materials and Manufacturing), partners from industry (Albany Engineered Composites, International Copper Association, Wieland-Werke), as well as top-notch international research universities (Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, French Institute for Advanced Mechanics, AGH University of Science and Technology).

Top row: Prof. Yannis Korkolis, Prof. Igor Tsukrov, Prof. Todd Gross, Prof. Brad Kinsey
Bottom row: Borys Drach, Andrew Drach, Jordan Kusch, Michael Giovinazzo