Minor in Architectural Studies

The minor in architectural studies is offered by the Department of Art and Art History in collaboration with Civil Engineering. 

This program provides students with an interdisciplinary introduction to the history, theory, and methods of architecture and its symbolism. The program allows students who are interested in this field to receive programmatic recognition of their work. It is designed to assist those who are may want to become an architect; want to specialize in architecture, architectural history or historical preservation in graduate school; want to supplement their technical majors and work in an architectural context.

For Civil(CiE), Environmental (ENE) and Mechanical (ME) Engineering students, this interdisciplinary minor program is designed to accommodate your undergraduate curricula such that only three additional courses are needed beyond your major requirements.  Please see the sample curriculum flow chart below.

Students must receive a minimum grade of C- in all required courses. Only two courses from the major requirements can count toward a minor. A maximum of two courses (8 credits) may be transferred from another accredited institution, provided UNH has accepted them as transfer credits. Transfer courses must be a minimum of 3 credits. Students with transfer courses that are accepted with less than 4 semester credits must still meet the 18-20 credits requirement for completion of the minor.



5 courses which consist of the following:


ARTS 532 Introductory Drawing
(Discovery: Fine and Performing Arts)

RequiredARTS 574 Introduction to Architectural History
(Discovery: Historical Perspectives)
One course
of the following
  • Arts 455 Architectural Design Studio
  • Arts 525 Woodworking
  • Arts 567 Sculpture
Two electives
chosen in
with program
  • Arts 600C Internship in Architecture
  • Arts 625 Wood/Furniture Design Workshop
  • Arts 654 17th/18th C. American Architecture
  • Arts 655 Early Modern Architecture
  • Arts 656 Contemporary Architecture
  • Arts 678 Romanesque & Gothic Art
  • Arts 796G Independent Study in Architecture
  • CIE 444 Housing: Everyone Needs a Place to Live (3 cr)
  • CIE 780 Building Information Modeling (3 cr)
  • CIE 781 Green Building Design (3 cr)
  • CIE 795 Independent Study (with approval) (1-4 cr)
  • CIE 796 Special Topic: Residential Construction (3 cr)
  • Clas 510 Building Rome (a J-term Study Away course)
  • Tech 564 Fundamentals of CAD (3 cr)


To declare an intent to minor, please register with the Department of Art and Art History. When you have completed your minor (or at the beginning of your last semester), please obtain a “Completion of Minor” form from the Arts Office (PCAC-A201). If you need advising on a minor, please request an appointment with a minor coordinator — Prof. Eleanor Hight (Art & Art History) at ehight@unh.edu or Prof. Tat Fu (Civil Engineering) at tat.fu@unh.edu.


Sample curriculum flow chart: