Doctor of Philosophy

Admission Requirements

An applicant must have completed a baccalaureate science degree in engineering, mathematics, or science at an accredited college or university. If coursework or laboratory experience is deficient, an admitted student will be required to fulfill, without graduate credit, all undergraduate prerequisites for graduate courses. In some cases, the student's adviser may require additional undergraduate courses in order to achieve a well-integrated program of study. Applicants must submit current scores (within five years) from the general test of the GRE, unless waived by the graduate coordinator (for current UNH undergraduate civil engineering (CIE) or environmental engineering (ENE) majors only).

Degree Requirements

Following admission into the program, a guidance committee is appointed for the student by the dean of the Graduate School upon recommendation of the graduate coordinator. This committee assists in outlining the student's course of study and may specify individual coursework requirements.

Within 18 months after admission, the student must pass both written and oral qualifying exams. The student must successfully complete at least 24 course credit hours beyond a master's degree.

Minor Requirements: An identifiable group of courses (9 credits minimum) in an area outside of the civil engineering department and approved by the guidance committee must be successfully completed to provide a minor to the Ph.D. degree. A minor may be satisfied by courses taken toward a master's degree other than civil engineering, but the credits will not be applied against the 24 credit-hour minimum.

Language or Research Tool: Students are required to gain or prove proficiency in a language or research tool in an appropriate area, such as mathematics, statistics, or data analysis; laboratory analysis or procedures; instrumentation; computer programming; or a foreign language suitable to the area of concentration. The proposed language or research tool must be approved by the guidance committee and may be achieved through the successful completion of coursework, an examination, or both.

Teaching Experience: A minimum of one semester as a teaching assistant or comparable experience is required. The guidance committee will evaluate whether a student's past teaching assistantship satisfies this requirement.

Doctoral Candidates: Upon successful completion of the Ph.D. qualifying examinations and the language or research tool requirement, a doctoral student is advanced to the status of doctoral candidate. When a student achieves candidacy, a doctoral committee is established. The doctoral committee directs research, conducts a semi-annual review of the student's progress, supervises and approves the doctoral dissertation, and administers the final examination (also known as the dissertation defense).

Upon completion of the dissertation, and with the approval of the doctoral committee, the student schedules an oral defense in accordance with the requirements of the Graduate School.