Alumni News

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  • H. Edmund Bergeron ('70) was awarded the Distinguished Alumnus Award in May 2011H. Edmund Bergeron. The award was presented on behalf of the CEPS Alumni Society. 
  • Christie Urban ('07) and Michael Venit were married on June 11. Christie is a structural engineer at TranSystems in Boston. Mike is a private equity investment analyst at Cambridge Associates, also in Boston. The wedding was influenced unmistakably by hockey, since the two met while playing high school hockey in Philadelphia. The cake was made in a hockey theme by "Ace of Cakes" from the Food Network, the card box was made of their old hockey sticks, and the bride threw a hockey sock instead of a garter. Christie's two bridesmaids, Nicole Guyette ('07) and Jill Sanctuary ('07), were the only other two female civil engineering majors in her class at UNH.
  • Paul Pepler ('09) joined the environmental, health and safety management consulting group of GZA GeoEnvironmental. Since graduating, Paul has earned a master's degree in civil engineering from UNH with a concentration in environmental engineering.
  • Steve Druschel ('07) , Ph.D., is a professor of environmental engineering at Minnesota State in Mankato. He previously was an environmental engineer in Massachusetts.
  • Austin Kennedy (’07), went into the Air Force after graduation, attained the rank of 1st Lieutenant, earned his wings, and has recently completed two years of training programs including SERE school (Survival, Evasion, Resistance, & Escape).  His assignment is as a WSO (weapon system officer) on an F-15E Strike Eagle which is a fighter plane designed for the long-range interdiction of enemy ground targets behind enemy lines.  The WSO, sitting in the back seat of the two-seater, operates a complicated array of computer controls and screens to identify threats and targets but can also take over flight operations if necessary.