University Committee on International Studies (UCIS)

The UCIS meets several times each semester to facilitate campus-wide engagement and decision-taking on policy and program matters concerning international studies and study abroad at UNH.


UCIS consists of the Hood House lecturer, the faculty members who teach in the IA program and members of the UNH campus who have demonstrated their strong commitment to international education. At least one faculty member will represent the Honors or the Hamel programs, and each of the colleges of the Durham campus. The Center for International Education and Global Engagement is represented by 3 ex officio staff members: the Director of Global Initiatives, the Coordinator of Student Programs and the Administrative Assistant. The International Affairs Program Chair serves as its chair. The term of the office begins in September and consists of a 2 year commitment. One half of the committee terms expire each year.


1.  The International Affairs Dual Major

•  Makes decisions regarding the program, reviews and makes policies concerning academic requirements, standards and curriculum

•  Plans future growth and development of the major

•  Updates all written materials about the program to reflect policy decisions

•  Supports departmental faculty advising for the IA majors

•  Discusses and reviews some IA students' petitions

2.  The New Hampshire International Seminar

•  Plans the two annual seminars – one per academic semester - of the NHIS which normally consists of  a series of three lectures each:

For one series, the speakers are chosen among the faculty members who received recently a CIEGE International Development grant

The other series is organized around a global theme or a region in the world and international speakers are invited from outside UNH

 3.  Service to Faculty

•  Reviews (by a sub committee of UCIS) applications for CIEGE faculty international development grants (small grants in the fall, small and large grants in the spring)

4.  Coordinating and Communicating All Things International

•  Connects Alumni Association, UNH Foundation (donors), and CIEGE

•  Provides forum for communicating and coordinating international events and issues on campus


*** It is important to distinguish UCIS’s functions from UCSA, the committee which:

•  Sets policies for SA students who are not IA dual majors

•  Approves SA programs proposed for management by faculty members

•  Makes risk management policies