The UNH Center for International Education Newsletter
Fall 2012

International Recruitment 101
How Students Find and Choose UNH

Kyle Macomber (l) and Mike Rennie (r) recruiting at a college fair in Macau
Anna Bruning (left) recruiting at a fair in Macao

As the number of international students increase on campus, many students, staff and faculty have been curious to know how these internationals discovered UNH. After all, with so many universities worldwide and over 2,800 in the U.S. alone, how did these students find and ultimately choose UNH? Some students learn about UNH from a friend, alumni or simply know of UNH due to its high ranking and renown for high caliber research. Another increasing group of students, also from around the world, found UNH through efforts made by the Navitas Program.

Navitas promotes and recruits internationally for UNH in all types of settings. Its marketing and recruitment staff travels overseas to train recruiters, attend exhibitions, visit high schools and present at seminars on the benefits of earning a degree at UNH. So far in 2012, Navitas recruitment staff has visited 18 countries and participated in three times as many events, ranging from seminars with 20 students to week-long traveling exhibitions with 200 universities and colleges from around the world.

An important part of recruiting students for UNH involves visiting high schools in these countries. Oftentimes, the directors/principals of these schools invite students to participate in mini-college fairs held at their school or arrange for students to visit college exhibitions in bigger cities. During these events, Navitas staff is able to educate students on the programs and opportunities available at UNH.

In the upcoming months, Navitas at UNH will be visiting the Middle East, Russia, Kazakhstan, Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, Vietnam, Myanmar and Hong Kong. The students they meet during these trips may join the UNH community as early as January 2013. On each trip, awareness of UNH grows among parents, students, and educational institutions overseas. Hopefully, this significant visibility will result in continued growth of the international student population at UNH.

~ contributed by Kyle Mallinger and Anna Bruning, Navitas at UNH