Faculty Travel Reports

Each year, the Center for International Education awards competitive grants for faculty international development activities from funds provided by the Vice President for Academic Affairs to enhance faculty members' international expertise.

Academic Year 2013-2014

Julie Bryce,  Associate Professor Geochemistry ~ Italy

"...my main motivation to visit my colleagues in Ferrara centers around one word:  mantle. ... The trip also provided a means to initiate new projects to gain insight into processes driving volcanism."

Susan Merrill, Clinical Assistant Professor, Occupational Therapy ~ South Africa
"My experiences in South Africa thus far have helped me realize that establishing collaborative relationships is a gradual process; that Americans who come thinking they have “answers” are doomed to fail; and that listening almost always comes before talking."

Yixin Liu, Associate Professor of Finance ~ Greece
"Hellenic American Education Center in Greece in the fall of 2013. HAEC is a relatively young university that promotes college education in English....HAEC was also interested to tap into the vast Chinese market."

Joel Johnson, Associate Professor of Geology ~ Sweden
"...I served as a research mentor and co-mentor for three undergraduate students who took part in a NSF funded International REU (Research Experience for Undergraduates) program..."

Tom Safford, Associate Professor of Sociology ~ Brazil
"My investigation will examine how scientific and economic data shapes the way stakeholders from the oil and gas, tourism, and fishing sectors, along with public sector actors, assess different coastal development options as well as potential environmental risks."

Academic Year 2012-2013

Per Berglund, Professor of Physics ~ Germany
"...these awards facilitated two months of visits and collaborations with theoretical physicists at DESY, one of the world's leading accelerator centres, in 2013."

Subhash C. Minocha, Professor of Biological Sciences and Genetics ~ Jordan
"...I was able to accept an invitation to visit the King’s Academy, Amman, Jordan, to give lectures, hold discussions and talk about my research and UNH Project SMART at the King’s Academy and the University of Jordan."

 Kate Hanson, Professor of Community Leadership ~ Thailand
"I wanted to see if there were any possibilities for partnerships between my program/UNH students and organizations in Thailand."

Prof. Alynna Lyon in Portugal
Professor Alynna Lyon in Portugal

 Michelle Grenier, Associate Professor of Kinesiology ~ Scotland
"Professor Grenier travelled to Scotland to continue her research on physical education teacher practices for students with autism spectrum disorders in the Scottish system."

Peter Pekins, Professor of Wildlife Ecology ~ Poland
"Professor Peter Pekins travelled to the 7th International Moose Conference in Poland. ...The Bialowieza National Park and Forest is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and is one of the largest remaining primeval forests in Europe."

Szu-Feng Chen, Assistant Professor of Theatre & Dance ~ Korea
"I was invited by The Theatre Practice (TTP) in Singapore to create set and costume design for its feature musical production for Singapore Kuo Pao Kun Festival..."

Meghan Howey, Assistant Professor of Archaeology ~ Uganda
"There is good reason to expect robust cultural activity here, as the Ndali lakes are located less than two hundred kilometers northeast of the epicenter for the development of iron smelting technology in East Africa, west of Lake Victoria..."

Jeannie Sowers, Professor of Political Science ~ Egypt
"I returned to Egypt, where I have been conducting research on environmental issues and politics for some time, to learn more about the ongoing political revolution that began in January 2011."