Faculty Seminar Offerings

Christopher F. Bauer603-862-3619
  • "College Chemistry Instruction -- Going Nowhere Fast"
  • "Probing College Students' Understanding of the Particulate Nature of Matter"
  • "Preparing the Chemistry Faculty of the Future for Teaching"
Arthur Greenberg 603-862-1180
  • "Tweaking the Protonation Site of Amides- Relevance to Protein Chemistry"
  • "Exploring a Possible Mechanism for Ring-Opening Metabolism of Benzene"
  • "Don’t Flog Phlogiston - the Rise and Fall of Chemistry’s First Comprehensive Theory"
Meg Greenslade603-862-2475
  • Wavelength Dependent Aerosol Extinction and It's Connection to Climate Change"
  • "How Are the Optical Properties of Mixed Aerosols Altered By Humidity?"
Richard P. Johnson603-862-2302
  • "Dehydropericyclic Routes to Very Strained Molecules and Reactive Intermediates"
Gonghu Li 603-862-0607
  • “TiO2-Based Nanocomposite Materials for Solar Energy Applications”
Howard R. Mayne603-862-2358
  • "Atmospheric Chemistry in New England. AIRMAP and the View from New Hampshire"
  • "Hitting the Low Points. The Role of Minimization in Chemistry"
  • "Very Cold but Very Floppy 'Molecules'. Some Van der Waals Atomic Clusters and their Reactions."
Glen P. Miller603-862-2456
  • "Organic Chemistry of Nanostructured Carbons-- Fullerenes, Carbon Nanotubes, Graphene and More!"
  • "Nanomanufacturing: Chemistry at the Nanoscale"
  • "Exploiting Substituent Effects to Prepare Persistent Pentacene, Heptacene and Nonacene Derivatives"
Samuel Pazicni


  • "Assessing Correlations between Comprehension Ability and General Chemistry Performance"
Roy P. Planalp603-862-2471
  • "A Search for Structure-Property Relationships of Metal Chelation: The Story of Iron, Zinc and Copper with Novel, Cytotoxic Amino-Heterocycle Tripods"
  • "Using Collaborative Research to Teach Inorganic Lab - An Adventure in Biological Inorganic Chemistry"
W. Rudolf Seitz603-862-2408
  • "A New Approach to Preparing Fluorescent Ratiometric Indicators for Measuring Bioavailable Metal Ions"
Gary R. Weisman603-862-2304
  • "Cross-Bridged Tetraamines: Synthesis, Coordination Chemistry, Biomedical Utility, and Conformational Contortions"
Charles K. Zercher603-862-2697
  • "Zinc Carbenoid-mediated Chain Extension Reactions: Methodology, Isosteres, and Natural Products"