Inorganic/Organic Seminars - Spring 2015

Room N104
(formerly L103)
11:10 am

DateSpeakerAffiliation       Topic        Sponsor
January 20Masaomi (Masa) MatsumotoUniversity of North Carolina at Chapel HillSupramolecular and combinatorial approaches to molecular recognition and catalysisGPM
Monday, Jan. 26
2:00-3:00 pm
Location TBA
David DeitrichHarvard Medical SchoolBiosynthetic analysis of chemically challenging transformations: Racemization and carbonate formationGPM
February 3Open   
February 10Open   
February 17Nathaniel SzymczakUniversity of MichiganMultifunctional Metal-Ligand Ensembles for Cooperative Substrate Activation SP
February 24Open   
March 3Hold   EB
March 10Open   
March 17Spring BreakNo classes  
March 24Open   
March 31Mishtu DeyUniversity of IowaStructural enzymology to understand redox-active enzyme function GL
April 7Robert Patrick DoyleSyracuse UniversityVitamin B12 conjugation to Neuropeptide PYY3-36 decreases food intake compared to native PYY3-36 AG
April 14Caitlin HoffmanUNHRecent Advances in Twisted Molecular Structures 
April 21Hold   AG
April 28Ashley Hanlon UNHSelf-healing polymers based on thermal and dynamic reversible reactions 
May 5Haifeng Gao University of Notre DameSynthesis and Application of Functional Polymers with Hierarchical Nanostructures  EB
May 21Jeremiah A. JohnsonRescheduled to April 2016  EB


Updated:  5/20/15
I/O seminar Coordinator for this semester is Greenberg.
Check the schedule for fall.