Inorganic/Organic Seminars - Spring 2015

Room N104
(formerly L103)
11:10 am

DateSpeakerAffiliation       Topic        Sponsor
January 20Masaomi (Masa) MatsumotoUniversity of North Carolina at Chapel HillSupramolecular and combinatorial approaches to molecular recognition and catalysisGPM
Monday, Jan. 26
2:00-3:00 pm
Location TBA
David DeitrichHarvard Medical SchoolBiosynthetic analysis of chemically challenging transformations: Racemization and carbonate formationGPM
February 3Open   
February 10Open   
February 17Nathaniel SzymczakUniversity of MichiganMultifunctional Metal-Ligand Ensembles for Cooperative Substrate Activation SP
February 24Open   
March 3Hold   EB
March 10Open   
March 17Spring BreakNo classes  
March 24Open   
March 31Mishtu DeyUniversity of IowaStructural enzymology to understand redox-active enzyme function GL
April 7Robert Patrick DoyleSyracuse UniversityVitamin B12 conjugation to Neuropeptide PYY3-36 decreases food intake compared to native PYY3-36 AG
April 14Caitlin HoffmanUNHRecent Advances in Twisted Molecular Structures 
April 21Hold   AG
April 28Ashley Hanlon UNH Self-healing polymers based on thermal and dynamic reversible reactions 
May 5Haifeng Gao University of Notre DameTBA EB
May 21Jeremiah A. JohnsonMassachusetts Institute of TechnologyTBA 


Updated:  3/31/15
I/O seminar Coordinator for this semester is Greenberg.
Check the schedule for fall.