James D. Morrison Early Career Award

The University of New Hampshire is pleased to announce the establishment of the James D. Morrison Early Career Award. The purpose of this award is to provide supplemental financial support to Chemistry Department faculty who are in the early stages of their academic careers. Professor Morrison began his studies in chemistry at Franklin and Marshall College in Lancaster, PA. Jim’s graduate work was pursued under the direction of R. L. Letsinger at Northwestern University. Post-doctoral studies at Stanford University established a relationship with Professor Harry Mosher, with whom Jim would be forever linked in the field of asymmetric synthesis.

UNH Wildcat
UNH Wildcat

Award donors and Prof. Morrison

The Three Musketeers and JDM (left to right)
Bill Massler (Ph.D. 1974), Tom Ciardelli (Ph.D. 1975),
Jim Husman (Ph.D. 1976), Jim Morrison

Following two years at Wake Forest University, Jim joined the faculty at the University of New Hampshire in 1965, and he quickly established an innovative and productive research program. Jim maintained a relationship with UNH, including service as Vice President of Research and Public Service, until his retirement in 1998. An internationally recognized expert in asymmetric synthesis, Jim was a visionary scientist and an early contributor to a research field that eventually resulted in the award of the Nobel Prize in 2001. A coauthor with Harry Mosher of the classic book Asymmetric Organic Reactions and Editor of the multi-volume series entitled Asymmetric Synthesis, Professor Morrison was a pioneering voice in establishing and leading a research field that transformed organic and pharmaceutical chemistry.
In addition to his internationally recognized leadership in asymmetric synthesis, Professor Morrison was recognized as an outstanding teacher and mentor. He supervised the research projects of numerous B.S., M.S., and Ph.D. students, many of whom have gone on to noteworthy careers. Professor Morrison’s former students, in recognition of his service as an outstanding teacher, scientist, and mentor, established the James D. Morrison Early Career Award.

Award Luncheon Attendees

Jim and Judy Morrison, along with other attendees
at the Morrison Award Luncheon