The Thesis

Formatting & Required Copies

Format requirements are specified in the Thesis and Dissertation Manual available from the Graduate School 

You will need to submit a copy for format review to the Academic Counselor of the Graduate School. Please note that you cannot submit a thesis for binding until review and approval of the format has been given by the Graduate School. It is recommended that you submit your thesis for review in advance of your defense.

Various drafts of the thesis should be proofread by several people (i.e. members of your research group or other graduate students) for content, clarity, grammar and style before giving it to the committee.   The candidate should consult with his/her research advisor regarding procedures to be followed in preparing the thesis.  The role of the student’s committee is to assess the science and not to serve as proof readers. The Graduate school offers workshops throughout the year on formatting once the thesis is complete.

• Please see the Administrative Manager to schedule your room for your defense.

• The Administrative Manager must be notified of the time, date and title of the thesis defense at least two weeks prior to the defense date to issue a memo to the Graduate School.   At that time, the Administrative Manager will also issue a memo to the department inviting all to attend.  

• Copies of the completed thesis must be distributed to the committee at least TWO WEEKS prior to the date of the public presentation; otherwise the final defense will AUTOMATICALLY be rescheduled to take place at least two weeks later to comply with graduate school regulations.   The candidate must also notify the Administrative Manager at the time the thesis has been distributed to the committee so that the defense can be rescheduled if necessary.

• The public presentation will be in the form of a seminar lasting 40 - 50 minutes followed by questions and discussion from the audience. The committee will question the candidate further in a closed sessions immediately afterwards. The presentation of the thesis must take place at least two weeks before commencement. 

Binding Your Thesis

Once the defense has taken place and the final version of the thesis has been approved, you can submit your thesis for binding arrangements through the on-line process with the Graduate School.

• Bound Copies: We request 1 for your advisor, 1 for the Chemistry Library and then there are your personal copies.

    • Thesis/Dissertation Submission Checklist:
    • Thesis Submission Instructions:

• The bound copies will be sent to the address you provide when submitting your thesis on-line. We request that you ask for them to be sent directly to the Chemistry Department at 23 Academic Way, Durham NH 03824. This will enable us to distribute a copy to your advisor and to the Chemistry Library, then send you your personal copies.