Analytical/Physical/Chem Ed Lunch Meetings

12:10 noon - 1 pm


September 14

Casey Grenier: Casey's Japanese Summer Camp: Inkjet Printing Polymers to All Night Karaoke Rooms

September 21

Mike Louis: Pressure Dependent Interactions of Carbondioxide, Triethylamine and Surface Silanol Groups with Rhenium and Manganese Carbondioxide Reduction Photocatalysts

Tyler Galpin: Density of Aerosols and a Growing Problem

September 28

Jess Henry: HILIC – MS/MS Method Development for Analysis of Paralytic Shellfish Toxins

Feifei Wang: Ratiometric Fluorescent Indicator: Grafting PNIPAM with Fluorophores onto Silica

 October 5

Tong Jin: Photoelectrochemical CO2 Reduction Using Molecular Complexes on Silicon Nanowires

Rongfang Yang: Application of Molecular Imprinting Technique in Solid Phase Extraction

October 12

Gonghu Li: seminar speaker introduction

October 19

Tom Fenton: Cu Nanoclusters on TiO2

Rene Buell: Development of a Textbook Use Survey   

October 26

Tom Williams: Molecular and Macromolecular Contributions to Coloration in Cephalopods

Tiffany Hatstat: HPLC Analysis of Vanillin in Maple Sap for the High School Classroom

November 2


November 9

Ben Stewart: Varying the Support Material for Photooxidation

Shing Lau: Method Enhancement on Mercury Standard

November 16

Anthony Timberman: Templated Non-Covalently Crosslinked N-Isopropylacrylamide Copolymers for Ink Jet Printing

Sean Dinneen: A Potential Mechanism Describing Color Richness in Squid Loligo pealeii Chromatophores

November 23

Chris Dibona: Extraction and Analysis of Pigmented Ommochromes in Cephalopod Chromatophores

November 30

Jill Morang: Dry Generation and Humidification of Aerosols

Sebastian Pantovich: Synthesis of a New Hexaazamacrocycle Ligand for Catalytic Applications

December 7

Luke Fulton: Understanding a Polymer and Metal Interaction through Light Scattering Techniques

Bimal Parajuli: Development of a Cu Sensor with Silica Nanoparticles

Updated:  9/30/15