Alumni News

Sarah Abbott (M.S. 1996, Johnson) is currently in medical school.

Karelle Aiken (Ph.D. 2005, Zercher) is Assistant Professor of Chemistry at Georgia Southern University. She has facilitated the delivery of numerous summer undergraduate students to UNH over the past few years.

Andreas (Drew) Athans (Ph.D. 2007, Miller) worked with Luis Echegoyen as a postdoctoral fellow at Clemson University after completion of his doctorate. In 2009, Drew accepted a position at Nano-C Inc. of Westwood, MA. Nano-C produces nanostructured carbons (fullerenes, CNTs, etc.) for applications in alternative energies and catalysis. He presented a seminar entitled “Regioselective Synthesis of C60 Derivatives as Potential Single-Molecule Transistors for Molecular Electronics Applications” at UNH in November 2008.

Jon Baldvins (B.S. 1982, Andersen) completed a Ph.D. in organic chemistry after leaving UNH and is currently Manager of Analytical Method Development at Boston Scientific Corporation in the Twin Cities area of Minnesota.

Laura Boddington (B.S. 1999, Johnson) is currently in medical school.

Bob Boudreau (Ph.D. 1989, Haendler) is Project Manager - Display Futures - Commercial Technology, Corning Display Technologies at Corning Inc, in (you guessed it!) Corning, NY. 

Sharon Boudreau (Ph.D. 1989, Haendler) is a tenured chemistry teacher at the Corning High School.

Alexander Bradley (Ph.D. 1997, Johnson) did a postdoc with Mait Jones at Princeton after leaving UNH and has been at DuPont Central Research in Wilmington, DE since that time. Alex is working in the area of solar voltaics.

Brian Buckley (B.S. 1983, Bauer) is Executive Director of Laboratories at the Environmental and Occupational Health Science Institute, which is associated with Rutgers University. He earned his Ph.D. at North Carolina State and worked at Oak Ridge National Labs and Nestle's prior to his current position.

Richard Burrell (B.S. 1995, Johnson) earned his Ph.D. in organic chemistry with John Baldwin at Syracuse University after he left UNH. He is currently Senior Research Investigator II in the radiochemistry group at Bristol-Myers Squibb in Wallingford, CT.

Peter Card (B.S. 1972, Andersen) earned his Ph.D. at Ohio State in 1976 and then did a postdoc with R. B. Woodward at Harvard. He is currently Vice President of Strategy and Corporate Development at Lantheus Medical Imaging in Billerica, MA (formerly BMS, Dupont, DuPont-Merck, clear back to New England Nuclear). We suspect that he must run into Rick Cesati on occasion.

Rick Cesati (B.S. 1995, Wong) earned his Ph.D. with Prof. John Katzenellenbogen at the University of Illinois and did postdoctoral work with Prof. Amir Hoveyda at Boston College. He is currently employed by Lantheus Medical Imaging in Billerica, MA, where he works on radiopharmaceuticals.

Cliff Chase (B.S. 1986, Bauer), still living in Newmarket and is a member of the School Board. He is a Partner and MIS Director of Absolute Air Quality of Portsmouth, NH, a testing company that employs a number of UNH alumni. Gary Weisman was happy to run into him at The Balsams this last winter!

Kaleen Konrad Childers (B.S. 2004, M.S. 2006, Johnson) continues as a research chemist at Merck Research Lab in Boston. Her husband, Matt Childers(M.S. 2007, Planalp) also works there. Very convenient!

Hee Yeon Cho (B.S. 2007, Johnson) has just completed her third year in the Ph.D. program at Boston College in Professor James Morken’s research group.

Joonhyung Cho (M.S. 2008, Planalp) is still working at the LSU Agricultural Center in Baton Rouge as an Intellectual Property Associate. This year he is serving as Chair-elect of the ACS Baton Rouge Local section and will be Chair next year. So he still gets to do some chemistry...

Jamey Clothier (Ph.D. 1995, Tomellini) joined Firmenich as Global Category Director of Sales five years ago after a great career doing Applied R&D at The Clorox Company, The Gillette Company, Reckitt Benckiser and Symrise. The fragrance industry is an interesting and highly specialized niche in the chemical industry that is a great combination of science and creativity. Personally, he is married with two daughters (10 and 6) and living in Northern New Jersey. Life is good but of course too busy.

A little bird told us that Joe Colleluori (M.S. 1985, Weisman) is now a Vice President at Lonza in Switzerland. Drop us a line sometime, Rocco!

Floraine Collette (M.S. Chemistry 2005, Jerome P. Claverie - Materials Science) returned to France after finishing her masters at UNH. Her many friends here in the U.S. still miss her. She earned her Ph.D. in 2008 from the Laboratoire d’Ingénierie des Matériaux, de l’Ecole Nationale Supérieure d’Arts et Métiers de Paris, under direction of Professor Francette Thominette. The École Nationale Supérieure d'Arts et Métiers or ENSAM is one of the most famous French Engineering institutes and grand établissement and a founding member of ParisTech (Paris Institute of Technology). ParisTech brings together twelve of the foremost French institutes of education and research and covers nearly the whole spectrum of science and engineering. Floraine was a top-ten finalist for best thesis at ParisTech. Well done, Floraine! She is currently carrying out postdoctoral research at the Laboratoire de Chimie des Polymères Organiques (LCPO), a CNRS/University of Bordeaux research collaborative. Her work involves nanoparticle vectors for anti-cancer drugs.

Dan Comins (Ph.D. 1977, R. Lyle), Professor of Chemistry at North Carolina State University, was Organic Syntheses Distinguished Lecturer at UNH back in 2006. He had no trouble picking out the scars on his old fume hood in what is now the Weisman lab!

Michael B. Coolidge (B.A. 1981, Weisman) surprised Gary Weisman with a drop-in visit in 2008. Dr. Coolidge is also Colonel Coolidge (USAF). Mike was in the Air Force ROTC program at UNH and taught some of us in Chemistry to do our very first interactive computing (on a DEC-10). Mike also wrote the first interactive (question and answer at a teletype) input program (MMHELP) for a molecular mechanics program (MM2), which Peter Petillo (B.S. 1985, Weisman) later converted for use on early PC’s. Mike went to the Air Force Academy where he did research on MOPAC with J. J. P. Stewart and then on to the University of Washington where he earned his doctorate with Wes Bordon. Colonel Coolidge is now Commander of the Defense Contract Management Agency, Boeing Long Beach, where he is in charge of building entire airplanes!

Katrina Woodin Copeland (B.S. 2004, Wong) earned an M.S. in organic chemistry at MIT. She is now a Senior Associate doing chemistry at Amgen in the Boston area and loves it. She’s still a serious Red Sox fan.

Adam Csakai (B.S. 2006, Zercher) is employed at Albany Molecular Research, where he works alongside Zercher group alum Bill Paquette.

Guy Crosby (B.S. 1964, R. Lyle), in his “second career”, is Professor of Chemistry & Food Science at Framingham State College in MA and Adjunct Associate Professor of Nutrition in the Department of Nutrition of the Harvard School of Public Health. He is also a consultant in the area of food and nutrition chemistry, is Science Editor for Cook's Illustrated magazine and Science Expert for “America's Test Kitchen”, broadcast nationwide on PBS. Before all of this, Guy earned his Ph.D. in chemistry from Brown and rose through the ranks to positions of considerable responsibility in the food science private sector.

Lisa Cuff (M.S. 1995, Johnson) is in the process chemistry group at Genzyme in Cambridge, MA.

A nice photo of Allen A. Denio (M.S. 1960, Ph.D. 1962, Amell) may be found in the April 12, 2010 issue of Chemical & Engineering News (Vol 88, p. 46). Dr. Denio was the organizer of a special celebration of the 75th anniversary of the discovery of nylon. He is President and Cofounder of the Delaware Academy of Chemical Sciences, an organization founded in 2003 to help promote chemical knowledge and help preserve the chemical legacy of Wilmington, DE. Dr. Denio was previously Professor of Chemistry at the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire, retiring in 1996 as Professor Emeritus. He also serves as a Councilor of the Delaware Section of the ACS.

John Dewhurst (Ph.D. 1977, Jones) retired after over 30 years in the polyurethane industry. He reports that he now has more time for his musical interests. You can find some of his music, including “The Element Song”, on iTunes.

Jeff Dimmitt (Ph.D. 1980, Weber) is currently Director of Technology for Evonik Jayhawk Fine Chemicals, Galena, KS. and is living in the nearby metropolis of Joplin, MO.

Lisa Doerr (M.S.T. 2006, Bauer), now married to another UNH alum, James Frazier, is a teacher at Londonderry High School. She participated in a recent analytical chemistry workshop run by Professors Tomellini and Bauer.

Richard Duclos (B.S. 1978, Weisman) earned his Ph.D. at Berkeley with Professor Henry Rapoport. He is currently a Research Professor at the Center for Drug Discovery at Northeastern University. Gary occasionally gets to see Rick at NESACS meetings in Boston.

Maureen Fagan (B.S. 1994, Weisman) presented a seminar entitled “Synthesis and Reactivity of Palladium Enolate Complexes” at UNH in February of 2008. At the time, Maureen was Assistant Professor of Chemistry at Smith College. Subsequently she decided to make a change and is now teaching 11th and 12th grade science in a small charter school in the Northampton, MA area. She really enjoys her teaching.

Kerry Fichter (M.S. 2004, Wong) is with Brinkmann Instruments and relocated to Tampa, FL in 2008. She is the technical person for their Metrohm instruments.

James Foley (B.S. 1965, Andersen) is Senior Fellow at the Rowland Institute at Harvard, where he has freedom to work on whatever he wishes. Hope to see you up here at UNH again soon, Jim!

After over 20 years of absence, we had a nice visit from Carmen Valdez-Gauthier (Ph.D. 1989, Wong) and her husband, Tom Gauthier (Ph.D. 1989, Grant) in 2008. Carmen is Professor of Chemistry and Chair of the Science and Mathematics Division at Florida Southern College. One of her former students, Elizabeth Garcia, just earned her M.S. with Ed Wong here at UNH. Tom is a Senior Science Advisor at Environ in Tampa. Environ is a science and technology consulting company.

Martha Garrity (B.S., 1984, Morrison) earned her Ph.D. with Professor Tom Sorrell at the University of North Carolina after finishing at UNH. She then did postdoctoral work at Oak Ridge National labs. She is currently Technical Director at Immunodiagnostics Systems Limited in Boldon, Tyne & Wear, England. We’d love to hear from you, Martha.

Edward Grandbois (Ph.D. 1981, Morrison) is Director of Supply and Quality Management at the Broad Institute in Cambridge, MA. Ed says, “I am still at it. 10 yrs ago I went to work for the Whitehead Institute to work on the Human Genome Project figuring that once that was done, in about 2 yrs, I'd move on. Obviously I'm still here. We've gone through 2 major organizational transitions. What was the Whitehead Institute Center for Genome research became the Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard, which recently became simply the Broad Institute, separate from MIT, after another large gift from the Broads. We've grown from around 150 people in '99 to around 1600 today. Moving from the chemical manufacturing to the biological high throughput research world was interesting. In chemistry, a scale-up is moving from a 500 ml flask to a 5000 gallon reactor. In the biological research world it is going from a 1.5 ml tube to thousands of ul sized wells in a 96 or 384 well plate. It's been a fast moving environment which has a lot to do with why I'm still here.”

Allison Greene (B.S. 2007, Johnson) has just completed her third year in the Ph.D. program at Boston College in Professor Larry Scott’s group.

Stephen Hatten (Ph.D. 1996, Chasteen) presented a seminar entitled “Coupling Micro and Analytical Scale Separations to MALDI-TOF Mass Spectrometry” at UNH in October 2009. Steve is a Senior Scientist at VIC Instruments in Sudbury, MA.

Tim Henderson (B.S. 2006, M.S. 2009, Zercher) is employed at Merck in Rahway, NJ.

Katie Heroux (B.S. 2005, Wong) is finishing her Ph.D. at UCSD and taking a postdoc at Savannah River.

We regret to report the unexpected passing of Alan D. Hewett. The following is excerpted the Tuesday, 5 January 2010 edition of the Valley News:
“Lyme, N.H. - Alan Dole Hewitt, 55, of Lyme died unexpectedly on Saturday, Jan. 2, 2010. Alan is survived by his wife of 30 years, Susan; his daughters, Meghan and Julie, of Lyme; his mother, Elizabeth Hewitt of Hanover, N.H.; his three sisters, Judith Wills of Niceville, Fla., Margaret Bosse of Locust Grove, Ga., and Mary Hewitt of Loudon, N.H.; and one brother, Richard Hewitt, of Nashua, N.H. Alan was born on Dec. 24, 1954, in Hanover, N.H. He earned his bachelor's degree in chemistry at the University of New Hampshire, and his graduate degree in chemical oceanography from the University of Connecticut. In 1983, he and his wife moved to Lyme. Alan was a research scientist at CRREL Laboratories in Hanover and was recently awarded the 2009 Project of the Year by the Environmental Security Technology Certification Program. Alan was very well known for his research in environmental methods and has authored several techniques currently used by the Environmental Protection Agency.” 

Ramona Hilgenkamp (M.S. 2000, Zercher) has relocated to a Roche facility in Nutley, NJ.

Daniel C. Hill (Ph.D. 1995, Weisman) presented a seminar entitled “I. Photoactivatable Biotinylated Probes for γ-Secretase II. Synthesis of 5,8 Disubstituted Tetrahydroisoquinolines: Potential 5-HT1B Antagonists for the Treatment of Depression” AstraZeneca Pharmaceuticals” at UNH in April of 2009.

Christian Kastrup (B.S. 2000, Johnson) presented a seminar entitled “Understanding and Controlling Blood Coagulation Using Chemistry and Microfluidics” at UNH in November 2009. Christian earned his Ph.D. at the University of Chicago and is currently a postdoctoral fellow at the Koch Institute for Cancer Research at MIT.

Carolyn Kheboian Howard (Ph.D. 1988, Bauer) visited for the Morrison Early Career Award event, and on a trip with husband David to bring the kids to a swim meet at UNH. She is still engaged in her forensic alcohol analysis business.

Anthony Jacobine (Ph.D. 1977, Andersen) presented a seminar entitled “Living Radical Polymerization by Single Electron Transfer” at UNH in December 2009. Tony is Technical Director of the AR Acrylates Platform at Henkel Corporation in Rocky Hill, CT. Tony’s son Alex Jacobine (Ph.D. 2010, Zercher) just successfully defended his dissertation and has departed for a postdoctoral appointment with Professor Gary Posner at Johns Hopkins.

Michele Dube Johnson (B.S. 1986, Bauer) works for Omya North America, a major international producer of calcium carbonate (which was the subject of her undergrad thesis). Professor Bauer ran into her at the Vermont NERM in 2008.

John Kane (M.S. 1996, Wong) and Roy Planalp ran into one another at a NERM meeting. John is now at Albany Molecular.

Anton Kelsey (B.A. Chem/Phys Teaching 1998) went to the Harvard Graduate School of Education after finishing at UNH. He is teaching chemistry and earth science to 9th and 11th graders in Vermont.

Mary Kirchhoff (Ph.D. 1992, Johnson) was appointed Director of the Education Division of the American Chemical Society in 2007. She previously served ACS as Acting Director of the Education Division, Assistant Director for Special Projects in the Education Division, and Assistant Director of the ACS Green Chemistry Institute. Before her work at ACS, Mary was an environmental fellow and visiting scientist at the AAAS. She also spent ten years as chemistry professor at Trinity College in Washington DC, beginning as an associate professor, and eventually becoming Chair of the Division of Natural Sciences and Mathematics.

Marty Kociolek (Ph.D. 1995 Andersen; postdoc/lecturer ‘97-’99, Johnson) is Coordinating Chair of Chemistry at Penn State Erie, the Behrend College.

Ryan Kopreski (B.S. 2003, Ph.D. 2010, Miller) has stayed on for some postdoctoral work with Professor Glen Miller after the successful completion of his degree.

Susanne Lewis (Ph.D. 2005, Johnson) is the Chemistry Program Director at Olivet College in Michigan.

Weimin Lin (Ph.D. Zercher, 2006) has left Albany Molecular Research to return to the seacoast and UNH, where he is doing postdoctoral research in the lab of Professor Glen Miller.

Bob Lockerman (B.S. 1984, Bauer) has been at CEM Corporation in the Charlotte, NC area since 1988, starting off as a local sales rep and working up from there. He was promoted to North American Sales Manger from National Sales Manager when CEM took on direct sales into Canada in 2009. Bob is married and has an 11-year-old son who plays baseball year-round and is big Red Sox fan. When Bob’s family goes on vacation they like to go to warm places where they enjoy scuba diving and snorkeling. Bob is still a big UNH hockey fan and every year since 1999 has attended the "Frozen Four" with a group of UNH alums, even if UNH does not make it!

John Mabry (Ph.D. 2003, Johnson) works in the area of intellectual property at the U.S. Patent Office in the division of pharmaceuticals and biotechnology. John was recently inducted into the UNH Diversity Hall of Fame.

Iain Mackie (Postdoc, 2006, Johnson) is at the National Institute for Nanotechnology in Edmonton, Alberta.

James Mack (Ph.D. 2000, Miller) was promoted to Associate Professor of Chemistry with tenure at the University of Cincinnati in 2009. Congratulations, James! Subsequent to his UNH graduate work and prior to his appointment at UC, James was a postdoctoral fellow with Larry Scott at Boston College, where he contributed to the first rational synthesis of C60. His research group at UC studies the host-guest interactions of corannulene-based cyclophanes and other bowl-shaped aromatic and solid state synthesis with the goal of developing environmentally benign chemical reactions and processes.

John Marshall (Postdoc 1977, R. Lyle) presented a seminar entitled “Zero Ink - Amorphochromic Dyes and Thermal Printing” at UNH in March 2008. John is Distinguished Scientist at Zink Imaging in Bedford, MA. His work on the thermal color printing system was highlighted in Chemical & Engineering News in 2008.

David Martin (M.S. 2008, Weisman) is in medical school at the University of New England.

Alan McEwen (B.S. 1982, Weisman) recently visited campus for some athletic testing for his son Hamish, an accomplished downhill skier (those who remember Al will remember him as not only a chemist, but also as a serious mountaineer and bicyclist). After leaving UNH, Al earned his Ph.D. at Cal Berkeley. He is now an intellectual property expert based in the Boston area.

Phil McGraw (B.S. 1980, Andersen) is Sales and Business Development Manager of Performance Material, Morgan Advanced Ceramics, Inc. in Hudson, NH.

Jerome Mullin (Ph.D. 1983, Seitz) presented a seminar at UNH entitled “The Curious Luminescence Behavior of Group 14 Metalloles: Characteristics, Origins, and Applications” at UNH in April 2009. Jerry is Professor of Chemistry at the University of New England in Biddeford, ME.

Weijun Niu (Ph.D. 2001, Wong) has been a research scientist at Corning in NY since January, 2008.

Mark H. Norman (B.S. 1982, Morrison) is Director of Medicinal Chemistry at Amgen in Thousand Oaks, CA. After his B.S. thesis research on asymmetric synthesis with Jim Morrison, he earned a Ph.D. at Berkeley with Clayton Heathcock. He currently serves on the editorial advisory boards of several journals and has over 110 publications and patents. Lately his research has been directed to the areas of oncology and neuroscience. Mark has two children, “a wonderful 16-year old daughter and a fantastic 12-year old son”.

Antoinette Odendaal (Ph.D. 2009, Weisman) is doing postdoctoral work in the research group of Professor Erin Carlson at Indiana University in Bloomington. Her husband Abe also has a postdoc there in bioinformatics, so they have solved the “two-body problem” at least temporarily. Antoinette will be presenting a paper on some of her UNH work at the ACS meeting in Boston in August and the Weisman/Wong group looks forward to seeing her there.

We’ve had a couple of visits from faithful alums Edward Olefirowicz (B.S. 1983, Weisman) and Karri Sommers Olefirowicz (B.S. 1984, Seitz). Ed works for Amgen R&D Informatics remotely from their home in Chapel Hill, NC. Ed got his Ph.D. with the late Ernest Eliel at UNC. Karri is a contractor for Novartis. They enjoy long-distance bicycling on their tandem and are very fit.

John Osambo (Ph.D. 2010, Seitz) is a very lucky man. As John was doing his laundry in his local laundromat here in NH, an out-of-control car crashed through the building, narrowly missing John, who could be seen in the security video fleeing for his life. The video made all of the local news stations, and even a few Boston stations. We’re all glad you weren’t hurt, John!

Alan Packard (B.S. 1974, Daggett) presented a seminar entitled “Copper-64 Radiopharmaceuticals, Large and Small” at UNH in February 2008. Alan earned his Ph.D. from Colorado State after leaving UNH and followed that with a postdoctoral fellowship at the University of Cincinnati. He is currently Senior Research Associate in the Division of Nuclear Medicine and Molecular Imaging at Children's Hospital Boston, Research Associate in the Division of Nuclear Medicine and Molecular Imaging at Brigham and Women's Hospital, and Assistant Professor of Radiology at Harvard Medical School. Dr. Packard is currently Vice-President, Radiopharmaceutical Sciences Council, Society of Nuclear Medicine. Ed Wong and Gary Weisman enjoy maintaining contact with Alan on account of their mutual interests and his loyalty to UNH.

Bill Paquette (B.S. 2000, Zercher,) is employed at Albany Molecular Research, where he works alongside Zercher group alum Adam Csakai.

Mike Pazdon (B.S. 1974, M.S. 1977, Andersen) is North American Manager of Bioscience Product Sales for Whatman, Inc. Mike and his family live locally in Newmarket.

Angela Puchlopek (B.S. 2005, Zercher) completed her Ph.D. with Professor Scott Miller at Yale in the June 2010. After finishing a postdoc at Caltech with Sarah Reisman, she has been working at Pfizer (Groton, CT), as a senior scientist in chemical research and development since March 2012.

James Rainbolt (Ph.D. 2008, Miller) successfully completed his dissertation and then began a postdoctoral position at the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory where he has been working on organic semiconductors for OLED applications.

David Reed (Ph.D. 1998, Weisman) did a postdoc with Professor Bill Bailey at UConn after leaving UNH. He is currently Associate Director of Process Chemistry R&D at ArQule Inc. in Woburn, MA.

Bill Rice (M.S. 1974, R. Lyle) has owned his own business, Aquarian Analytical Inc., for over 20 years. Before that he worked for the state of NH, Mobay Chemical, and St. Petersburg, FL, medical examiners office. Bill and his wife of over 25 years have three children. His current hobbies include boating, flying and tractoring (to remove rocks from his lawn).

Matt Ronsheim (Ph.D. 2002, Zercher) is currently Director of Chemical Development at Forest Laboratories where he has worked for the past nine years and continues to enjoy both the science and business of chemistry.  He and wife, Melanie, live in Port Jefferson, NY and are enjoying their beautiful twin girls Ashley and Madison. Matt says he looks back at his time in the Chemistry Department at UNH as the most enjoyable and rewarding period of his life.  The experience and knowledge gained during his time at UNH prepared him well for an industrial career in chemistry, and he is grateful to the Department and advisor, Chuck Zercher, for being such great teachers.

Paul Rosenberg (Ph.D. 1985, Chasteen) is Department Head & Professor at the Departmen
t of Chemistry of the Rochester Institute of Technology in Rochester, NY.

Linda Saari (Ph.D. 1983, Seitz) recently visited campus to see her son present at the Interdisciplinary Science and Engineering (ISE) poster session at UNH. Linda is currently teaching high school science, which she says is challenging but rewarding.

William Shakespeare (Ph.D. 1991, Johnson) presented a seminar entitled “AP24534, a Potent, Orally Active Multi-Targeted Kinase Inhibitor for the Treatment of Chronic Myeloid Leukemia (CML)” at UNH in April of this year. Work on this promising candidate has recently appeared in Cancer Cell and the Journal of Medicinal Chemistry. Bill is Vice President of Drug Discovery at Ariad Pharmaceuticals in Cambridge, MA.

Xiaoxuan Shen (Ph.D. 2006, Tomellini) was promoted from Senior Scientist to Principal Scientist (along the scientific ladder) at Novartis Pharmaceuticals Corporation of East Hanover, NJ in March 2009.

Katherine Weber Stickney (B.S. 1985, Chasteen) is Associate Professor and Department Chair at the University of Indianapolis. She earned her Ph.D. at Virginia Tech after finishing at UNH. Her areas of interest are organic chemistry and environmental chemistry and she is also advisor to the equestrian club and equestrian team. Kathy is the daughter of Professor Emeritus Jim Weber.

Dannon Stigers (Ph.D. 2008, Weisman) is doing postdoctoral work “down under” in the research group of Professor Chris Easton at the Australian National University in Canberra. A communication on some of Dan’s UNH work was published earlier this year in Dalton Transactions.

Steve Swartz (M.S. 1991, Johnson) is a sales manager with CEM Corporation, a manufacturer of laboratory microwave apparatus.

Dan Templeton (Ph.D. 1980, Chasteen) owns three companies and has a patent practice. After starting out in noble metals and catalysts, his focus has shifted from inorganic to polymers and composites over the 20 years. Previously he was VP Technology for Therma-Tru Corp, but when it sold to Fortune Brands, Dan chose to branch out on his own. Dan and his wife Cheryl have three grown children. They live in Ft. Wayne, IN.

Orjana Terova (M.S. 2008, Wong) is working for Applied Biosystems in Bedford, MA. She and husband Ilia Terova (current Tomellini Ph.D. candidate) welcomed a son into the family this spring.

Cory Theberge (M.S. 1995, Ph.D. 2002, Zercher) has relocated back to his native habitat (Maine), and he has recently accepted a position as a tenure-track faculty member in Medicinal Chemistry in the School of Pharmacy at the University of New England. In 2009, Cory and his wife Shiloh welcomed a baby boy to the family.

Stephen Theberge (B.S. 1993, Planalp) is Associate Professor of Chemistry at Merrimack College in North Andover, MA. After leaving UNH, he earned an M.S. in Marine Studies and a Ph.D. in Analytical Chemistry at the University of Delaware. His research interests include analysis of geochemical processes and environmental pollutants and tracers by a variety of analytical techniques.

Chris Toher (B.A.1996, Bauer) is Senior Lecturer in Chemistry at Northeastern University and President of Higher Degree Consulting, Inc., his own tutoring business.

David Tranchemontagne (B.S. 2003, Weisman) went to the University of Michigan for graduate school after leaving UNH and then moved to UCLA when his research director, Professor Omar Yaghi, was lured there. Dave spent a couple of years as a research scientist in Yaghi’s group after earning his Ph.D. Since early this year he has been employed as a forensic chemist for a government agency.

Jennifer Hill Tremont (B.S. 1986, Bauer) is in her 26th year at Lantheus Medical Imaging where she has had the pleasure of working with UNH alumni Peter Card.  Jennifer is currently director of marketing communications and professional promotions.  She is married with two girls (15 and 17).

Mark Turnbull (B.S. 1982, Andersen; M.S. 1984, Wong; Ph.D. Brandeis) is Professor of Chemistry at Clark University. He has finished his long service as Chair (Congratulations, Mark!). His research interests are molecular magnetism, low-dimensional antiferromagnets, and molybdenum-phosphine cage complexes.

Alicia Voukides (M.S. 2009, Johnson) is in dental school at the University of Connecticut.

Prashant Waske (Postdoc 2007, Johnson) is a postdoctoral at the Institute of Physical Chemistry in Heidelberg, Germany.

Ron White (Ph.D. 2002, Mayne) presented a seminar entitled “Studies on Polymer Melts and Blends: How a Simple Lattice Model Can Lead to Quantitative Predictions and Fresh Understanding” at UNH in September 2009. Ron is a Research Scientist at Dartmouth College.

Peter Widger (B.S. 2007, Weisman) is in the Ph.D. program in chemistry at Cornell University, working in the research group of Professor Geoffrey Coates. Some of his work was recently published in Chemical Communications.

Jeffrey Wilson (B.S. 1977, Jones; Ph.D. Duke University) is Managing Director at Aptuit Consulting in Lexington, MA. Prior to joining Aptuit, Jeff served as Vice President of Pharmaceutical Operations at Vertex Pharmaceuticals. Before joining Vertex, he held a number management and technical roles at Glaxo and Burroughs Wellcome where he led the multidisciplinary teams that developed manufacturing processes for the HIV therapies AZT and abacavir.

Min Yang (Ph.D. 2000, Tomellini) reports that he graduated from Rutgers Law School in May 2009 and is now a patent attorney working in a New Jersey law firm, Budd Larner, providing legal service for generic drug companies. He says that dealing with chemistry is still part of his daily life.

Matthew Young (M.S. 1999, Ph.D. 2010) worked in the flavors and fragrances industry between his UNH degrees. He’s currently doing postdoctoral research with Professor Tom Pochapsky (Pat Stone Wilkinson’s doctoral mentor) at Brandeis University and is learning a lot of NMR. Matt and Erin have two beautiful daughters.

Manli Zheng (Ph.D. 1992, Johnson) is with the Discovery Informatics Department at Abbott Labs in Chicago.

Hua Zhou (M.S. 2004, Weisman) came back to UNH in 2009 to recruit for Merck, where she works in the Medicinal Chemistry Department in Boston. She and her husband now have a young son.

Hui Zhou (Ph.D. 2009 Reinhold) is a Research Fellow at Harvard Medical School, Children's Hospital Boston.