Chemistry Textbooks Fall 2014


Chem 400
Freshman Seminar

No text required.

Chem 403
General Chemistry

Required materials for Chem 403:
1) Electronic access to ConnectPlus. This includes access to the Connect online homework system, plus access to an electronic copy of our text: Martin Silberberg, "Chemistry: the molecular nature of matter and change," (McGraw-Hill, 7th edition).
2) Electronic access to ALEKS, an additional online homework system (McGraw-Hill)
3) Electronic access to OWL LabSkills, an online homework system for lab (Cengage)
4) Students in Prof Bauer's lecture sections (MWF 8 am or MWF 1pm) should also purchase an i-clicker device. Dr Winans (MWF 10am) will not be using iclickers in her lecture section.

Printed copy of the Silberberg text. Older editions (4th - 6th) are fine, and are available very cheaply online. Students may also purchase a new, loose-leaf copy of the 7th edition for $80 from within their ConnectPlus account.

Purchase options:
Students should purchase a bundle containing access to ConnectPlus and ALEKS either from the bookstores or directly from McGraw-Hill online at
If students choose to purchase the bundle online, be aware that McGraw-Hill will ship you the access cards by US postal mail, and choose your shipping address appropriately to make sure it arrives where you are.

Students should purchase access to OWL LabSkills online. Please wait until the first day of lab to receive information on how to do this.

The i-clicker device (required in Bauer sections only) is available at the bookstores.

Chem 405
Chem Princ for Engineers

Chemistry for Engineering Students, Brown, Cangage Learning

Chem 411
Intro to Chem Life Sciences

Printed text: "Organic and Biological Chemistry" by Stephen Stoker, published by Cengage. Either the 6th edition or 5th edition is fine.
Additional materials:
1) Access to an electronic copy of our custom lab manual, published by Cengage
2) Access to OWL LabSkills (an online homework system for lab)
3) Access to Sapling (an online homework system for lecture, purchased directly from Sapling online)

The bookstores will have two options for students to purchase. Students should purchase ONE of those options:
--A bundle containing the printed Stoker text, access to the electronic lab manual, and access to OWL LabSkills. (ISBN: 9781305598065)
--A bundle containing access to the electronic lab manual and access to OWL LabSkills. (ISBN: 9781305598058) This option is for students who will purchase a used copy of the Stoker text elsewhere.

Note that all students will purchase Sapling access separately, directly from Sapling online. Students should wait until the first day of class for information on this.

Chem 517
Quantitative Analysis

Quantitative Chemical Analysis, 8th edition, edited by Daniel C. Harris. ISBN-13: 978-1-4292-1815-3; ISBN-10: 1-4292-1815-0.

Chem 545
Organic Chemistry

Essential Organic Chemistry, 2nd Edition, Bruice, Publisher: PEARSON, Essential Organic Chemistry book packaged with the SG and Solutions Manual at no additional cost. ISBN: 0321633857

Chem 546
Org Chem Lab

Experiments in Organic Chemistry, 3rd ed., Richard Hill, John Barbaro, Contemporary Publishing Co, 2005, ISBN:  0-89892-311-5

Chem 547
Organic Chemistry

“Organic Chemistry”, 9th edition, Francis A. Carey and Robert M. Giuliano, McGraw-Hill, New York, 2014. The Solutions Manual for this text is also required (answers to assigned problems will be found therein – they will not be posted). A bundle of the loose-leaf version of the textbook and the loose-leaf version of the solutions manual is available through the UNH Bookstore or Durham Book Exchange. It is also possible to purchase the text in hardback format (ISBN: 0073402745 / 9780073402741) and the Solutions Manual in paperback (ISBN: 0077457471 / 9780077457471) from McGraw- Hill ( or from other vendors (Amazon, etc). Pay close attention to the edition so that you don’t accidently purchase an older edition.

Chem 549
Org Chem Lab

Multiscale Operational Organic Chemistry, 2nd ed., John W. Lehman, Pearson Publishing, 2009, ISBN:  978-0-13-241375-6

Chem 651
Organic Chemistry

Required:  Organic Chemistry, 4th edition, Maitland Jones, Jr. and Steven A. Fleming, W. W. Norton & Company, New York, 2010.  Hardcover + Organic Reaction Animations CD: ISBN 978-0-393-93149-5. Molecular Models:  A useful plastic model kit is available for purchase (~$15) at the Chemistry Stockroom, Department of Chemistry, Parsons Hall.

Chem 653
Org Chem Lab

Multiscale Operational Organic Chemistry, 2nd ed., John W. Lehman, Pearson Publishing, 2009, ISBN:  978-0-13-241375-6

Chem 683
Physical Chem I

Chang, Physical Chemistry for the Chemical and Biological Sciences by University Science Books, 2000. ISBN 978-1-891389-06-1

Chem 685
Phys Chem Lab

The lab course does not require a textbook.

Chem 708/808
Spectroscopic Inv Organc Molec

Spectrometric Identification of Organic Compounds, Silverstein, Webster, Kiemle, 7th Edition, Wiley, 978-0-471-39362-7

Chem 755/855
Adv Organic

Required:  Reference Text: Michael B. Smith and Jerry March, “March's Advanced Organic Chemistry: Reactions, Mechanisms, and Structure”, 7th Edition, Wiley, 2013.
 ISBN: 978-0-470-46259-1 (An e-book is also available - ISBN: 978-1-118-47221-7) 
Recommended: Students are strongly advised to keep their introductory organic chemistry text (two-semester course), as that will serve to provide background for certain sections of the course.

Molecular models and modeling software: A molecular model kit is available for purchase at the Chemistry Stockroom, Parsons W130.
UNH has licensed Spartan Student v6 (Wavefunction, Inc.) I will provide download instructions and activation codes.


Chem 756/856
Adv Org Lab

L.M. Harwood, C.J. Moody, and J.M. Percy, Experimental Organic Chemistry- Principles and Practice, Second Edition, Blackwell Publishing Co., 1999, Softcover Edition; ISBN-13: 978-0-632-04819-9

Chem 774/874
Inorganic Chem

Inorganic Chemistry (5th Ed.) by Gary Miessler, Paul Fischer, and Donald Tarr, published Pearson Prentice Hall. The ISBN-13 for this book is 978-0-321-81105-9.

Chem 776/876
Phys Chem III

D. C. Harris and M. D. Bertolucci, "Symmetry and Spectroscopy," Dover ISBN 048666144X