Student News

  • 2013 Goldwater Scholarship Announced - Madelyn Ball has been awarded the 2013 Goldwater Scholarship.         
  •                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    2013 Goldwater Scholarship Recipient Madelyn Ball                            
  • Congratulations to Tony Castagnaro, Trevor Merrill and Nathan Thomas who have been awarded the 2012 AIChE Safety and Health Division Student Design Competition Award for Safety.
  • Congratulations to Amanda Devine, Meaghan Maher and Becky Wilson who have won Honorable Mention (2nd prize) in the 2012 American Institute of Chemical Engineers (AIChE) National Student Design Competition.  According to Professor PT Vasudevan, Associate Dean of Academic Affairs of CEPS, who taught the capstone Design course, each department was allowed to submit only two entries to AIChE.  This year's project was on "Production of Non-Alcoholic Beer usiing a Reverse Osmosis Membrane Process."  Students had 30 days to complete a techno-economic feasibility study and the final report had a page limit of 125 pages.  According to Professor Vasudevan, the students had to rely on the knowledge they acquired over the previous 3.5 years and this was a test of their technical prowess as well as their communication skills.  Vasudevan adds that Amanda, Meaghan and Becky did a fine job and the recognition is well-deserved.
  • Amanda Devine, Meagan Maher and Becky Wilson
  • Presenting the 2012 AIChE Sophomore Academic Excellence Award - Congratulations Madelyn Ball on winning the 2012 Donald F. Othmer Sophomore Academic Excellence Award for the University of New Hampshire!  This award is presented to the student who has maintained the highest scholastic standing of any member of the student chapter during both their freshman and sophomore years.  Congratulations for a job well done!
  • Announcing The 2012 AIChE Freshman Recognition Award - Congratulations goes to  Sachi Nagada on earning the 2012 Freshman Recognition Award for the University of New Hampshire!  This award is given to the freshmen from each chapter that has become the most involved with AIChE.
  • Goldwater winners announced: Brian McConnell (Class of 2013) was awarded a Goldwater scholarship and Madelyn Ball (Class of 2014) received an honorable mention.
  • Brian McConnell (Class of 2013) received an EPA GRO fellowship to study Algae Produced Biodiesel.
  • Brian McConnell
  • Nathan Thomas (Class of 2012) receives the UNH Award of Excellence for excellence in leadership, scholarship and citizenship.
  • Nathan Thomas Presented with the 2012 UNH Award of Excellence
  • Photo by UNH Staff Photographer


  • UNH ChemE Car Team made it to the AIChE national competition in Minneapolis,  Oct 2011. Advisor: Jillian Goldfarb. 
  • Becky Wilson(ENE-IP), Stephanie Lerrette (ChE), Meaghan Maher (ChE) presented their work at the ECS meeting in Boston, October 2011. Advisor: Dale Barkey. Sponsor NSF. Copper Electrodeposition for High Density Vertical Semi-conductor Integration."
  • ECS Meeting
  • Brian Zukas (ChE Sr) won 3rd prize a the AIChE Annual meeting in Minneapolis. Advisor: Nivedita Gupta. Title" Microcapsule Dynamics in Verifying Channel Geometries."
      Brian Zukas
  • Dakota Smith and Stephanie Lerrette  won best poster award at the Aluminum Anodizing Conference in Arizona, Oct 2011. Advisor: Dale Barkey. Title: "Incorporation of metal nanoparticles in anodic Al2O3 coatings."    
  • Archambault-Leger wins Dean Williamson Award - May 2010- Awarded
    "To that senior who has been outstanding and well-rounded in extracurricular activities, scholarship, athletics, and loyalty to the University."
  • Photo by Perry Smith - UNH Staff Photographer
  • Thad Webster is the recipient of the Phyllis Brauner Memorial Book Prize at the recently held Student Chemistry Research Conference in BU - April 2010