Biochemical Engineering

Kingsbury S333

Vasu Lab

Bioremediation of organic wastes using enzymes (P.T. Vasudevan)

The ability of a microorganism to degrade hazardous wastes rests with its complement of enzyme systems and other biopolymers. The problem of degradation of organic and toxic wastes using immobilized enzymes, instead of microbes is being looked at. These materials are potentially able to work in cell-free systems where reaction velocities are high.

Enzymatic transesterification of waste oils and non-edible sources (P.T. Vasudevan)

We are focusing on enzymatic tranesterification of waste oils to produce biodiesel. The effect of different solvents and different acyl acceptors on the transesterification of waste vegetable oils as well as non-edible sources is being investigated. We are also carrying out scale-up studies.


Novel immobilized enzymes for cellulosic ethanol (P.T. Vasudevan)

We are investigating the use of immobilized cellulases prepared by a novel technique to degrade cellulose.