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Researchers Test Sediment-Scrubbing Technology In Cocheco River
In a mud flat at the edge of the Cocheco River, just outside downtown Dover, scientists from UNH’s Contaminated Sediments Center are testing an innovative way to treat polluted sediment in coastal waterways. More>>
Campus Journal, 06.25.08

River bed mats filter, cap pollution: Dredging alternative both less expensive, disruptive
DOVER — Watching Jeffrey Melton spread mat after mat of textured material across the Cocheco River's muddy flats doesn't look much like groundbreaking research. More>>
Fosters, 06.23.08



The Contaminated Sediments Center at the University of New Hampshire consists of a number of faculty and graduate students within the Environmental Research Group. Research is conducted on a wide variety of topics, from beneficial use of contaminated dredged material to modeling of sediment transport in estuarine systems. Some current research activities are highlighted below.


Current Research Projects Include:

Phosphate Stabilization of Heavy Metal Contaminated Sediments and Dredged Materials

Beneficial use of contaminated dredged material as a source of aluminum and iron for cement production

Dechlorination of Persistent Organic Pollutants with Palladized Magnesium: Dioxins and PCNs

Optimization of PCB Dechlorination with Palladized Magnesium in Marine and Freshwater Sediments

Pathways of Congener-Specific PCB Dechlorination by Palladized Magnesium

Development and Evaluation of Reactive Capping Mat for Sequestration of Contaminants in Sediments

In-situ Treatment of PCBs in Sediments


Contact Information for the Center

Dr. Kevin Gardner
Contaminated Sediments Research
336 Gregg Hall
University of New Hampshire
Durham, NH 03824
(603) 862-4334 [phone]
(603) 862-3957 [fax]




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