Triple Threat: Three Internships, One Company

Angela Deng - Class of 2016
Angela Deng with Liberty Mutual sign

Describe your first few weeks – What stands out for you?

I started my internship this summer just before the monthly department meeting.  Something that stood out for me was how great the entire team was; everyone was super friendly.  I instantly felt welcomed by the whole group.  During the first few weeks of the internship you begin to get access to the required systems and applications in order to do your job.  You do a lot of job shadowing during that time.  The staff makes sure that you have enough time to adjust and learn about the company and your team.  During the first few weeks you meet with your manager, your mentor, and your team to set your objectives for the internship.  

What’s it like working with professional staff and clients? 

Being surrounded by professional staff motivates you to work harder and push yourself further.  You push yourself because you are constantly looking to impress your managers and co-workers, and the fact there are always people willing to help you really allows you to learn and do a good job.  Everyone has their own role on the team, and you are all working together to reach a common goal.  I had the opportunity to go to a conference for the LMS project in my department.  The conference was mainly for the management teams throughout HR corporate.  It felt a little intimidating at first because I was the only intern.  Being surrounded by managers and other professionals motivated me to push myself to ask more questions and engage in the meetings.  The encouragement from everyone made me comfortable in providing my own feedback and ideas.  

Describe skills you’re learning and applying.

I am learning a lot about the different systems Liberty Mutual uses for different projects and tasks.  One of my responsibilities is employment verifications.  In order to do that I need to understand how to pull different information from multiple systems efficiently.  Some of the verifications can get complicated where you are required to contact people from different departments.  There are so many different tasks and projects you are responsible for at one time that you quickly develop effective prioritization skills.  This is just one example of a real-world hands on experience that I would not have in a classroom.  

Discuss one highlight of your internship experience.

There are so many highlights to choose from.  I think my favorite event is the LMS project conference I attended with my manager.  I learned so much about the entire HR department and function.  What really stood out was that my ideas and recommendations were considered.  It made me feel that I was a part of the team and company as a whole.  Something else that makes my entire internship experience so special is the people I have gotten to know.  Liberty Mutual recruits from schools across the country, so it’s a great opportunity to meet people and make new friends.  It’s important to work hard – and we all do – but it’s also great to laugh and joke with all the interns after a long day.

Talk about one unique thing you learned, or one thing people wouldn’t know about your internship or the company?

This is my third internship with Liberty Mutual.  I was a Business Systems Analyst Intern last summer, a Group Benefits Medical Underwriting Intern during the school year, and now I am a Human Resources Payroll Administration Intern this summer.  Liberty Mutual is focused on advancing their employees and finding the right fit for them.  I had no idea what I wanted to do when I first started.  Liberty Mutual is so encouraging in rotations and helping you explore your skills and interests.  I have worked for three completely different departments and learned more about myself than ever before through my internship experiences.