Annual Tri-Council Retreat Takes Up Bullying

Annual Tri-Council Retreat Takes Up Bullying

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

OS, PAT and Extension Educator representatives heard an overview of a bullying survey conducted on campus last fall during the annual tri-council retreat, held March 11, 2014.

Malcolm Smith, co-chair of the bullying task force, presented the results of a December survey that aimed to assess bullying at UNH. A synopsis of the outcome appeared in the Dec. 18 Campus Journal. He also outlined task force recommendations including:

  1. Creating a policy for all employees that prohibits bullying
  2. Repercussions for violations of that policy
  3. Immunity from reporting bullying
  4. Protection and help for victims
  5. Mandatory training for supervisors  

After Smith’s presentation, council representatives discussed drafting a letter to President’s Cabinet in support of creating a bullying policy at UNH.

In part, the letter would ask the cabinet to:

  1. Review the report
  2. Work with councils to develop a definition of workplace bullying for campus
  3. Provide education and training on the topic
  4. Develop a policy  

“The PAT, OS and Extension Educator Councils have agreed that an environment that does not tolerate bullying will support the university's mission to be an employer of choice by fostering inclusion. A policy will help to create such an environment,” says Jenn Hammond, PAT Council chair. 

The day began with remarks from President Mark Huddleston followed by Human Resource’s Kathy Neils, who led the group in team-building exercises before Nancy Kinner spoke about volunteering for commencement and honors convocation, and Judy Robb gave an update on NEASC accreditation.