UNH Hosts Fluid Dynamics Conference

UNH Hosts Fluid Dynamics Conference

Monday, November 18, 2013

Several dozen scientists and engineers will be experiencing some turbulence at UNH this week. And that’s just fine with them. 

From today through Friday, Nov. 22, 55 of the world’s leading researchers in turbulence are on campus for a conference on fluid dynamics organized by UNH’s integrated applied mathematics program. The conference, called "High Reynolds Number Boundary Layer Turbulence: Integrating Descriptions of Statistical Structure, Scaling and Dynamical Evolution," is also supported by the National Science Foundation, the UNH Research Office, CEPS, and the department of mechanical engineering 

“Fluid dynamics is a very rich and active area of research. Though the science of fluids is hundreds of years old, the range and complexity of fluid behavior is so great that fundamental problems of immense practical importance remain to be solved, with applications ranging from engineering to space physics to weather and global climate modeling,” says John Gibson, assistant professor of mathematics and a conference organizer. “The conference will address a number of exciting new approaches to understanding boundary-layer turbulence that have recently been triggered by advances in mathematics, experimentation, and computational simulation.” He adds that the conference will highlight the role of UNH researchers in these developments.  

The workshop is chaired by Joe Klewicki, professor of mechanical engineering; in addition to Klewicki and Gibson, the workshop organizing committee includes associate professor Greg Chini, assistant professor Martin Wosnik, and associate professor Chris White, all of the mechanical engineering department.  

More information on the conference, which is in Holloway Commons, is here.