New Campus Map Available

New Campus Map Available

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Campus Planning has released the 2013-2014 official campus map. It is available (along with other official maps and directions to/from campus) for downloading here.

Changes to this year's map include:

SERC (Southeast Residential Community) buildings have now been named. The USNH board of trustees approved the following at their June meeting:

SERC A is now known as Handler Hall in honor of Evelyn E. Handler

SERC B is now known as Peterson Hall in honor of Walter R. Peterson

SERC C is now known as Haaland Hall in honor of Gordon A. Haaland

The Peter T. Paul College of Business and Economics and associated access ways and lots is now shown in detail at its 10 Garrison Avenue location

The Taylor Hall Campus Connector bus stop is being relocated further south on College Road at a new dedicated bus pullout at the Service Building and College Road itself is being resurfaced with bike lanes from Main Street to Rudman Hall.

Sidewalks in the vicinity of College Road and Main Street have been relocated and reconstructed for improved accessibility and safety, including the removal of a redundant crosswalk on College Road.

A new ramp and sidewalk at the rail platform permits universal access from the Nesmith Hall area to the Dairy Bar and train station.

A sidewalk has been installed in the longstanding goat path across the western edge of the great lawn.