A Paperless Plan for 2013

A Paperless Plan for 2013

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

The Sustainability Institute at UNH offers the following suggestions on how to cut down on paper usage on campus.  

First, consider who needs to get your information. 

Does the whole department need to get a personalized flyer?  

There are many programs targeted to staff and faculty that don’t pertain to them; therefore all of that paper is getting put right back into (hopefully) the recycling bin. When you’re setting up a mailing with mailing services, consider doing only a “dept. please post” option. This will send just one copy of your announcement or info to the whole department, and they can post and share it where they keep other announcements on campus. Cutting down on your costs and wasted paper, that’s what’s called a ‘win win’.

Does every department need to receive the information? 

Is your announcement or program for academic departments only? Does everyone on campus need to receive it or could you utilize other ways like social media, UNH Today, and more to get it out that wouldn’t use as much paper?  

Read more at www.sustainableunh.unh.edu.