Billing & Payment

Online Billing & Payment

Link to Parent Portal -

UNH no longer sends bills through the mail. Bills are posted to students' individual Blackboard/MyUNH accounts. Payment is accepted online or by paper check.

Email Notification

Students will be notified through their UNH-assigned email accounts when new bills are posted. Students may allow account access to parents or others by setting up Parent Portal accounts. Parent Portal account holders also receive email notifications.

Students: How to View Your Bill

After logging in to Blackboard/MyUNH:

  • Select the Webcat/Services link (this is located directly below the UNH tab at the top of the page), then click Continue to enter Webcat
  • Select Billing
  • Select View your account/Pay Bill for a real time view of your account
  • To view your most recent bill, select Bill Statement at the upper right

Through the UNH online billing and payment system students will be able to:

Set Up Parent Portal Accounts

Parent Portal accounts are created by students. The student has the choice of who has access and what the access includes. Students may modify Parent Portal accounts at any time.

Parent Portal account holders will receive emails with instructions for account activation. Once accounts are set up, parents will log into the Parent Portal at

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