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A glycoprotein hormone bound to its receptor (PDB id: 4ay9).


Specific components:
  • alpha subnit of hormone
  • beta subnit of hormone
  • extracellular hormone-binding domain of the receptor


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Structure solved by Jiang et al. (PDB id: 4ay9).
Interactive image courtesy of Wayne Decatur.

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Stacia Sower named an American Association for Advancement of Science Fellow



“We in the college are very proud of Dr. Sower’s demonstrated excellence in research and the advancement of knowledge within her discipline, as evidenced by this prestigious award. Few scientists receive this level of recognition,” says Jon Wraith, dean of the College of Life Science and Agriculture and director of the N.H. Agricultural Experiment Station.

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Stacia Sower


University of New Hampshire


Database and Archived Information Retrieval

  • Hatching of Hagfish Embryos 2010 Video: Eggs of a hagfish species, collected by Tokyo Sea Life Park at around 200 meters deep in Tokyo Bay, began to hatch in January, 2010. It might be the first time in the world that their hatching has been recorded on video.

  • msnbc.com - June 2010
    Dr. Molly Lutcavage speaks about the gulf oil spill's impact on bluefin tuna in Gloucester, Massachusetts

  • Saltwater News - May 2010
    Features: Senior, Caryn MacDonald, awarded UNH Erskine Mason Award & Dr. Stacia Sower speaks at ICE conference in Kyoto, Japan


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