Afair Lab


Afair Lab

Director: Dr. Stacia Sower
Co-Director: Dr. James Haney


Anadromous Fish and Aquatic Invertebrate Research Laboratory


Established in 1984, this lab provides researchers with tanks of fresh, estuarine, and seawater to study fish and aquatic invertebrates. This unique facility enables world-renowned research by scientists, graduate students, collaborators, and undergraduate students. Many projects are in conjunction with the New Hampshire Department of Fish & Game, NOAA National Marine Fisheries Service, K-12 teachers and students, and funded by National Science Foundation, NSF-Japanese Society for Promotion of Science, National Institutes of Health, Great lakes Fishery Commission, and the Sea Grant Program. Current research includes hormone genomics, comparative neuroendocrinology, biochemical and molecular endocrinology, reproduction and physiology of fishes, invertebrate genomics, stream studies on insects, zooplankton, and aquaculture.

The Anadromous Fish and Aquatic Invertebrate Research Laboratory (AFAIR) is located near the dam site at the Durham reservoir on the campus of the University of New Hampshire. The building provides running freshwater for anadromous (freshwater/marine) fish and freshwater facilities for the study of living organisms, both at the ecological and molecular levels. This facility was established in 1984 as part of the Institute of Marine Science and Ocean Engineering as a research unit at UNH. The funding for the building was provided by the Hubbard Funds and by the Research Office. The tanks and piping were installed by Stacia Sower and two students. This facility has become a very active and productive unit since 1984 with a major focus on research in marine/freshwater fish and aquatic invertebrates. This facility has helped to foster collaborations with scientists from other universities in the region and has provided opportunities for joint collaborations with state and private industry. In addition, this facility has served as a base for service and education activities.

The AFAIR facility is a 72'x 26' passive solar-heated frame structure. The flow-through water system (maximum capacity: 10,000 gallons/hr) draws water by pumps from a nearby (70') reservoir through a dual sand filter system. The hatchery presently contains eighteen 3' circular fiberglass tanks, six 6' circular fiberglass tanks, four 2' circular fiberglass tanks, one 18' artificial stream, two 12' artificial streams, larval rearing facility and one room with 15' high circular water columns. Workbenches and one large sink are also located in the facility. A large oil furnace provides heating during the winter. In addition, there is a well, which provides 5 gals/min.

Management of AFAIR Laboratory

The AFAIR laboratory has a Director, Dr. Stacia A. Sower, Professor of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology. The facilities are available for researchers from any UNH department upon request to the Director. Where necessary and appropriate, the facility is modified to accommodate needs of new researchers on the basis of cost-share.

Contact: Stacia Sower (sasower@cisunix.unh.edu, 603-862-2103)
Website: http://www.marine.unh.edu/facilities/labs/afair-lab.html

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