BBC: Preliminary Characterization Of the Site


During Phase I, we will review the existing data in USAF, USEPA and NHDES reports on Site 32 and nearby sites to determine as much as possible about the subsurface geology and hydrogeology and the chemical profiles in the plume. The USGS has performed geophysical investigations in a few of the existing bedrock wells at Site 32 and in several bedrock wells nearby. This information will be useful in fracture and plume characterization. Reviewing and analyzing the first 1.5 years of natural attenuation monitoring data will provide evidence of where biodegradation is occurring in the bedrock at Site 32 and will be crucial in establishing regions where TCE, DCE and VC are predominant. Their methods will include: self-potential and natural gamma radiation, borehole flowmeter, electrical conductivity, acoustic televiewer, temperature logs, and single hole directional radar. BBC researchers will use omni-directional radar to characterize the fractures in the bedrock surrounding the wells. This will help us to better predict the bedrock fracture pattern at the site.





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