BBC Participates in NGWA EPA Fractured Rock Conference

Portland, ME, September 13 - 15, 2004; Portsmouth, NH, September 16, 2004


Bedrock Bioremediation Center researchers participated in the NGWA EPA Fractured Rock Conference in Portland, ME in September 2004. Dr. Nancy Kinner (BBC Director) served on the conference advisory board and chaired three sessions of talks (Field Studies, Geochemical Characterization, and Bioremediation). Dr. Kinner is helping NGWA write a summary document about the conference.

Conference Presentations:

Large Drawdown Slug Tests
Pulido, Ballestero and Kinner
Gas Injection Test
Pulido and Ballestero
Effectiveness of Monitored Natural Attenuation at Predicting In Situ Biodegradation in a TCE Contaminated Metasedimentary Bedrock
Kinner, Mills, Eighmy, Ballestero, Coulburn, Tisa, and Druschel
Microfracture Geochemistry as an Indicator of Terminal Electron Accepting Processes in TCE-Contaminated Bedrock
Eighmy, Spear, Bothner, Coulburn, Tisa, Sullivan, Majko, and Kinner
Fracture Characterization at a Bedrock Bioremediation Site in New Hampshire
Sadkowski, Bothner, Benoit, Birch, and Escamilla-Casas
Multipurpose Packer System
Pulido, Ballestero, and Kinner

Conference Field Trip

The BBC hosted the conference field trip on September 16. Eighty people visited the BBC's TCE-contaminated bedrock field site at the former Pease Air Force Base in Portsmouth, NH. After an introduction to the field site by Drs. Kinner and Bothner, the visitors toured seven demonstration stations. Topics covered included drilling techniques and drilling parameter recorders (hosted by the BBC), bedrock microbiology and microcosms (BBC), hydraulic studies (BBC), multipurpose discrete interval sampling (BBC), geophysical techniques and equipment (Mt. Sopris Instrument Co. and Century Geophysical Corp.), and geophysical interpretation (USGS). Slides and posters from the field trip are available on the BBC website:


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