Fractured Rock Hydrology

The following were presented at:

The Fractured Rock Conference
Denver, Colorado
March 2002



Characterization of Fractured-Rock Aquifers Using Drilling Parameters
J. Benoît, W. A. Bothner, J. Escamilla-Casas

The cost of the entire DPR system used for the BBC project was approximately $38,000. The US sales representative is Davey Drill (330-673-5400). The manufacturer is Jean Lutz S.A., France ( Please do not hesitate to contact Jean Benoît (603-862-1419) with any questions about the DPR system or for a copy of the presentation.

Haudraulic Tests in a Fractured Bedrock Formation
G. Pulido-Silva, T. P. Ballestero

Please contact Dr. Ballestero ( for the presentation.


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