SFC Alway
MSI Instructor
Branch: Armor

Infantry Branch Insignia

SFC Alway entered the Army in 2001 as a 19D CAV Scout. He attended basic training and AIT at Fort Knox, KY. His first duty station was at Friedburg, Germany with the 1st BRT 1st Armored Division.

He deployed in support of OIF I in 2003 and spent one year in Iraq. SFC Alway then moved to Fort Carson, CO and became a sniper team leader after completing the Army Sniper school (B4) in 2005. He again returned to Iraq in 2005 and spent a year as the BN senior sniper and team leader.

After returning home from Iraq in 2006, SFC Alway volunteered for US Army Special Forces (Green Beret) Assessment and Selection. SFC Alway was selected for Special Forces training and entered the "Q" course in June of 2007. SFC Alway graduated the "Q" course as an 18D and received his Green Beret in Aug of 2009. He was sent to 1st Special Forces Group in Sept of 2009 where he served as the Senior Medic on a HALO ODA.

SFC Alway was then deployed to multiple countries on multiple missions in support of the Global War on Terror. SFC Alway military schools include, Sniper, SERE, Special Forces Medical Sergeant, HALO/HAHO, Special Forces Sniper Course (level 1), SFAUC, Thai langue course, Airborne, Personal Recovery and other "courses". SFC Alway has 5 combat deployments and multiple support operation deployments. He is married and has two children.