The University of New Hampshire Army and Air Force
ROTC Hall of Fame



Colonel John B. Hammond was commissioned a Second Lieutenant in the United States Army in 1949. Under a special program, he left the University of New Hampshire before graduation to serve in the military, with the Army's promise to return him at some future date to finish his degree. That occurred in 1960, and he returned to the University of New Hampshire and completed his Bachelor's degree in Economics.

Colonel Hammond started his military career as a rifle platoon leader in Japan. When the Korean War started, his unit was deployed to Korea as one of the first units deployed. He fought in the Pusan Perimeter and supported the advance into North Korea. In 1951, he was seriously wounded. From 1952-1954, he served in the leadership role of Company Commander at Fort Dix, New Jersey, and Augsburg, Germany. In 1960, he became the Assistant Professor of Military Science at the University of New Hampshire and was promoted to Major. His next assignment took him to Ft. Leavenworth, Kansas, where he attended the Command & General Staff College.

After a short tour in Korea, he was promoted to Lieutenant Colonel and assigned to the Army General Staff, Office of the Deputy Chief of Staff for Logistics. In that capacity, he was Chief of the Policy Section of the Army's equipment budget. In 1968, he became the Commanding Officer, Logistics Data Processing Center in VA. He was immediately selected for the Industrial College of the Armed Forces and promoted to Colonel. Colonel Hammond served as director of Logistics and Procurement at the Army's Test and Evaluation Command. Later, he was assigned as Deputy G4 Eigth Army, Korea. His decorations include the Combat Infantry Badge, Silver Star (OLC), Legion of Merit (2OLC), Army Meritorious Service Medal, and the Purple Heart. He retired from the Army in 1973 and returned to New Hampshire.

His return to the Granite State marked the start of outstanding civilian service. From 1973-1988, he was an administrative officer at Dartmouth College, responsible for labor relations and employee benefits. One year after his second retirement, he became the Director of the Office of Legislative Services for the NH General Court. Colonel Hammond served three terms as a member of the Mascoma School Board and two years in the NH House of Representatives. He was also a member on the Board of Directors for the NH Chapter of the Retired Officers Association for 13 years, President in 1990. He also served on the NH Judicial Council in 1993.

He is married to the former Sue Oliver; they have been married for over 50 years. They have four sons, two who went on to serve our country and retire at the rank of Army Lieutenant Colonel. Also, two sons graduated from the University of New Hampshire, one completed Kings Point, and the other graduated from West Point.