UNH Army ROTC Class of 2004

University of New Hampshire
John Boenhert, Armor, Active Duty
Rachel Brown, Medical Service Corps, National Guard
Robert Burnham, Medical Service Corps, National Guard
Michael Butler, Field Artillery, National Guard
David Courville, Infantry, Active Duty
Cassandra Crosby, Transportation, Active Duty
Ryan Crosby, Transportation, Active Duty
Julie Cyr, Nurse Corps, Active Duty
Michelle Detremont, Engineer, USAR
Peter Evans, Infantry, Active Duty
Benjamin Keating, Military Intelligence, Active Duty
Brendan Libby, Aviation, National Guard
Megan McGrevey, Medical Service Corps, USAR
Kristian Mroczko, Medical Service Corps, Active Duty
Matthew Paquin, Medical Service Corps, National Guard
Scott Quilty, Infantry, Active Duty
Michael Rosa, Military Intelligence, Active Duty
Brian Schlesier, Aviation, Active Duty
Shane Wells, Military Police, USAR

College of Lifelong Learning

Kenneth Kruger, Field Artillery, National Guard
Joshua Pierce, Field Artillery, National Guard
John Resendes, Medical Service Corps, Active Duty

Keene State College
Daniel McCarroll, Military Police, National Guard

Saint Anselm College

Amanda Cruz, Military Intelligence, Active Duty
Jillian Murray, Nurse Corps, Active Duty
Kristen Wentz, Nurse Corps, Active Duty

Southern New Hampshire University

Keith Graham, Field Artillery, National Guard
Michael Patterson, Infantry, National Guard