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You are browsing the alumni page for the University of New Hampshire. Although in its infancy, this web page will one day link all UNH ROTC graduates young and old.

The goal of this page is to provide Friends of UNH ROTC with information about past, present, and future ROTC and ROTC Alumni activities. It is also our tool to provide a way of keeping in touch with our graduates from the past and gaining support from alumni. We hope that you find it useful and informative.

Information which we hope to capture on this page includes:

The Army and Air Force! ROTC units, in conjunction with the UNH ROTC Alumni Association, established the ROTC Alumni Hall of Fame in 1996. Since that time, twenty-six members have been inducted.

The purpose of the ROTC Hall of Fame is to recognize former ROTC graduates who provided outstanding service to the country, the state of New Hampshire, and/or the University of New Hampshire.

The ROTC Alumni Association recognizes new members each year during the annual ROTC Veterans Day Ceremony. Nominations for the Hall of Fame are accepted by the board from April to June of each year. In July the Board of Directors votes on nominations. Those nominated are invited to the Induction Ceremony held each year during the annual ROTC Veterans Day Ceremony. This ceremony also serves to link our past graduates to our current cadets.