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Undergraduate Course Catalog 2010-2011

Thompson School of Applied Science


Applied Business Management (ABM)


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Professor: William H. Scott, David E. Tooch
Associate Professor: Benjamin P. Fowler, Steven D. Tuttle
Lecturer: John MacMillan

The Applied Business Management program combines classwork and practical experience to give students a thorough understanding of the business field. The core curriculum includes accounting, marketing and sales, human resource management, computer applications, communications, business law, and strategic management for small business. Students may select from a variety of UNH electives.

Practical experience is gained through projects with local industries, municipalities, and state agencies, as well as student-run businesses. Students also may elect to develop internships with area businesses.


Admissions Requirements

Students entering the business management program must have a minimum of two years of college preparatory mathematics. Several ABM courses require a strong background in basic mathematics and algebra.

Curriculum Fee

Applied Business Management $129*

*This one-time, nonrefundable curriculum fee is required to cover lab materials, specialized equipment maintenance, and transportation that is unique to the applied nature of the specialization. The curriculum fee covers the entire two-year course of study for one specialization. Any non-TSAS student may be assessed specific course fees, details of which are included in each semester's Time and Room Schedule. All fees are subject to change.

Business Management

Small- to medium-sized businesses represent the largest and fastest-growing segment of the state and regional economy. The Applied Business Management program is specifically designed for students who wish to seek entry-level management positions in existing firms, prepare for management of a family-owned business, or start a new business. Business management students gain practical exposure to essential topics in business management that prepares them to seek further specialization in a business area or to prepare for transfer to a baccalaureate program.

Career Opportunities:

Office manager, entrepreneur, management trainee, assistant manager, purchasing and inventory controller, bookkeeper, domestic and international sales professional, business owner.

Business Management Program of Study

First Year, Fall Semester

Abbreviation Course Number Title Credits
ABM   204   Principles of Management   4  
ABM   205   Applied Financial Accounting   4  
COM   209   Expository Writing and Reading   4  
MTH   20__   Math I or II (determined by assessment)   3  

First Year, Spring Semester

Abbreviation Course Number Title Credits
ABM   207   Applied Marketing   4  
ABM   208   Managerial Accounting   4  
ABM   226   Business Computer Applications   4  
COM   210   Public Speaking   2  
    Elective   4  

Second Year, Fall Semester

Abbreviation Course Number Title Credits
ABM   202   Professional Writing   3  
ABM   206   Human Resource Management   4  
ABM   214   Applied Sales   4  
SSCI   201   Human Relations   4  
    Elective(s)   2 - 4  

Second Year, Spring Semester

Abbreviation Course Number Title Credits
ABM   211   Business Policy   4  
ABM   232   Business Law   4  
    Social Science Elective   2 - 4  
    Elective(s)   2 - 4  

Elective Course Options (when offered)

Abbreviation Course Number Title Credits
ABM   210   Operations Management   4  
ABM   213   Applied Micro-Economics   4  
ABM   215   Business and the Community   4  
ABM   217   Web Page Programming and Design   4  
ABM   240   Ethics in Business and Society   4  
ABM   242   International Trade Applications   4  
ABM   291/292   Independent Study   1 - 4  

Total:  64 - 66 credits

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