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Marilyn Hoskin, Dean
John T. Kirkpatrick, Associate Dean
B. Thomas Trout, Associate Dean
Jeffry Diefendorf, Senior Faculty

Programs of Study
Faculty and Courses

It is the purpose of the College of Liberal Arts, as a center of learning and scholarship, to help students achieve an understanding of the heritage of civilization and to educate them in the tradition of the past and realities of the present so they may recognize and act upon their obligations to the future.

The college seeks to meet the educational needs of each student through the development of interests and skills, which, combined with the individual’s potential, makes possible a richer, more useful life.

The College of Liberal Arts is made up of four divisions:

Fine and Performing Arts Division:
Departments of Art and Art History, Music, Theatre and Dance
Humanities Division: Departments of English; Languages, Literatures, and Cultures; Philosophy
Social Sciences Division: Departments of Anthropology, Communication, Geography, History, Political Science, Psychology, Sociology
Teacher Education Division:
Department of Education


The College of Liberal Arts offers three degrees: bachelor of arts, bachelor of fine arts, and bachelor of music.

Bachelor of Arts

These programs primarily provide a broad liberal education along with a major in one of the fields listed on this page.

Bachelor of Fine Arts

This curriculum provides training for students who plan to enter a professional graduate school.

Bachelor of Music

This curriculum provides professional training in performance, in musical theory, and in music education, and it allows students to develop their talent to a standard equivalent to the one achieved at conservatories of music.

Five-Year Program: B.A.-M.B.A.

The College of Liberal Arts and the Whittemore School of Business and Economics offer a combined five-year program leading to a B.A. degree in French, philosophy, or psychology and an M.B.A. degree. Information about the program can be obtained from those departments or from the undergraduate counselor in the Whittemore School.

Combined Programs of Study

In addition to pursuing a single major, students may combine programs of study as follows: minors, second majors, dual-degree programs, student-designed majors.

Programs of Study, Interdisciplinary Minors, and Special Centers

COLA.pdf - This file replicates the printed information in the UNH Course Catalog 2003-04 for the College of Liberal Arts. It includes degree requirements, interdisciplinary and other programs offered by the College, and specific information for each of the College's programs of study.

Faculty and Courses

Anthropology (ANTH)


Chairperson: Charles E. Bolian
Professor: Stephen P. Reyna, Nina Glick Schiller
Associate Professors: Charles E. Bolian, Joe L.P. Lugalla, Deborah Winslow
Assistant Professor: Justus M. Ogembo

Art and Art History (ARTS)


Chairperson: Michael McConnell
Professors: David S. Andrew, Grant Drumheller, Scott Schnepf, David R. Smith, Mara R. Witzling
Associate Professors: Patricia A. Emison, Chris Enos, Eleanor M. Hight, Craig A. Hood, Maryse Searls McConnell, Michael McConnell, Jennifer K. Moses, Langdon C. Quin
Assistant Professors: Benjamin S. Cariens, Brian W.K. Chu, Lorna Jo Stone
Affiliate Assistant Professor: Vicki C. Wright
Adjunct Faculty: Joan Larson Esch

Communication (CMN)


Chairperson: Lawrence J. Prelli
Professors: Sheila McNamee, Joshua Meyrowitz
Associate Professors: Patrick J. Daley, James M. Farrell, Sally W. Jacoby, Beverly James, John Lannamann, Lawrence J. Prelli
Assistant Professors: Jennifer L. Borda, Lawrence W. Rosenfield
Lecturers: Jennifer Friedlander, R. Michael Jackson

Education (EDUC)


Chairperson: Todd A. DeMitchell
Professors: Michael D. Andrew, John J. Carney, Todd A. DeMitchell, Ann L. Diller, Susan D. Franzosa, Ann Weaver Hart, David J. Hebert, Barbara E. Houston, David L. Howell, Bruce L. Mallory, Sharon N. Oja
Visiting Professor: Wanda S. Mitchell
Affiliate Professor: Jeanne E. Ormrod
Associate Professors: Eleanor D. Abrams, Grant L. Cioffi, Janet Elizabeth Falvey, E. Scott Fletcher, Virginia E. Garland, Georgia M. Kerns, Barbara H. Krysiak, Ann L. Loranger, Jane A. Nisbet, Joseph J. Onosko, Judith A. Robb, Paula M. Salvio, Thomas H. Schram, William L. Wansart, Dwight Webb
Affiliate Associate Professor: Harry J. Richards
Assistant Professors: Casey D. Cobb, Elizabeth A. Finkel, Mary K. Fries, John F. Hornstein, Ruth M. Wharton-McDonald
Lecturer: Timothy J. Churchard

English (ENGL)


Chairperson: Janet Aikins
Professors: Janet Aikins, Elizabeth Jane Bellamy, Thomas A. Carnicelli, Mary Morris Clark, Walter F. Eggers, Burt H. Feintuch, Michael K. Ferber, Lester A. Fisher, Elizabeth H. Hageman, Jane T. Harrigan, Rochelle Lieber, Mekeel McBride, Andrew H. Merton, Thomas R. Newkirk, Susan Schibanoff, Charles D. Simic, David H. Watters
Associate Professors: John M. Archer, Brigitte Gabcke Bailey, Margaret-Love G. Denman, John Richard Ernest, Diane P. Freedman, Cinthia Gannett, Susan Margaret Hertz, James Krasner, Douglas M. Lanier, John S. Lofty, Lisa Watt MacFarlane, Lisa C. Miller, Naomi G. Nagy, Sarah Way Sherman, Sandhya Shetty, Rachel Trubowitz
Assistant Professors: Charlotte M. Bacon, Monica E. Chiu, Robin Hackett, Aya Matsuda, Paul Kei Matsuda, Martin McKinsey, Alexander M. Parsons, Petar Ramadanovic, Siobhan Senier
European Cultural Studies (ECS)

Geography (GEOG)


Chairperson: Alasdair D. Drysdale
Professor: Alasdair D. Drysdale
Associate Professor: Barry D. Keim
Assistant Professor: John B. Strait

History (HIST)


Chairperson: J. William Harris
Professors: Jeffry M. Diefendorf, Ellen Fitzpatrick, David Frankfurter, Cathy A. Frierson, Jan V. Golinski, J. William Harris, Francis D. McCann, Jr., Robert M. Mennel, Janet L. Polasky, Harvard Sitkoff
Affiliate Professors: Stephen H. Hardy, Laurel Ulrich, William R. Woodward
Associate Professors: Funso Afolayan, W. Jeffrey Bolster, Kurk Dorsey, Eliga H. Gould, Yan Lu, Gregory McMahon, Lucy E. Salyer, Marc L. Schwarz
Assistant Professors: Nicoletta F. Gullace, Julia E. Rodriguez, Jennifer D. Selwyn, Cynthia J. Van Zandt, Ethel Sara Wolper
Lecturers: Robert E. Stiefel, Brian Weiser

Humanities (HUMA)


Coordinator, Humanities Program: David M. Richman
Associate Coordinator, Humanities Program: Catherine M. Peebles
Core Faculty: David S. Andrew, Art and Art History; Donna B. Brown, Humanities; Warren R. Brown, Political Science; Willem A. deVries, Philosophy; Patricia A. Emison, Art and Art History; Michael K. Ferber, English; Jan V. Golinski, History; Edward T. Larkin, Languages, Literatures, and Cultures; Ronald D. LeBlanc, Languages, Literatures, and Cultures; Gregory McMahon, History; Robert M. Mennel, History; Catherine M. Peebles, Humanities; David M. Richman, Theatre and Dance; Charlotte Elizabeth Witt, Philosophy

Languages, Literatures, and Cultures (LLC)

For courses, click the link following the name:
Chinese (CHIN), Classics (CLAS). French (FREN), German (GERM), Greek (GREK), Italian (ITAL), Japanese (JPN), Latin (LATN), Portuguese (PORT), Russian (RUSS), Spanish (SPAN)

Chair: Edward T. Larkin, German
Professors: Barbara T. Cooper, French; F. William Forbes, Spanish; Ronald D. LeBlanc, Russian; Nancy Lukens, German
Associate Professors: Nadine S. Berenguier, French; Arna Beth Bronstein, Russian; Roger S. Brown, German; John M. Chaston, Spanish; Aleksandra Fleszar, Russian; Janet Gold, Spanish; Lori J. Hopkins, Spanish; Edward T. Larkin, German; Lina Lee, Spanish; Claire-Lise Malarte-Feldman, French; Mary E. Rhiel, German; Juliette M. Rogers, French
Assistant Professors: Stephen Andrew Brunet, Classics; Grace H. Chang, French; Marco Dorfsman, Spanish; Piero Garofalo, Italian; Stephen D. Johnson, Spanish; Juame Marti-Olivella, Spanish; Carmen Rasilla, Spanish; Robert Scott Smith, Classics; Stephen M. Trzaskoma, Classics
Adjunct Faculty: Samira C. Artur, Spanish; Mary K. Belford, Spanish; Margaret Carrera, Spanish; Richard E. Clairmont, Classics; Claire-Helene S. Gaudissart, French; Jodi Growitz, Spanish; Cindy Pulkkinen, Spanish; Anna K. Sandstrom, French; Henry M. Smith, French; Katharine E. Stansfield, French; Elisa F. Stoykovich, Spanish; N. Darby Tench Leicht, Italian; Linda J. Thomsen-Breig, Spanish; Youping Zhang, Chinese

Linguistics (LING)


Coordinator, Linguistics Program: Naomi Nagy
Professors: Tom Carnicelli, English, Mary Clark, English, Bill deVries,
Philosophy, Rochelle Lieber, English
Associate Professors: John Chaston, Spanish/Classics, Aleksandra Fleszar,
Russian, Lina Lee, Spanish/Classics, Fred Lewis, Communication Disorders, John
Limber, Psychology, Greg McMahon, History, Paul McNamara, Philosophy, Naomi
Nagy, English, Penny Webster, Communication Disorders
James Weiner, Computer Science
Assistant Professors: Piero Garofalo, French & Italian, Mardi Kidwell,
Communication, Aya Matsuda, English, Paul Matsuda, English
Lecturer: Richard Clairmont, Spanish/Classics

Music (MUSI)


Chairperson: Peggy A. Vagts
Professors: Christopher Kies, Nicholas N. Orovich, John E. Rogers, David E. Seiler, Robert Stibler, Peggy A. Vagts
Affiliate Professor: Clark Terry
Associate Professors: Michael J. Annicchiarico, Mark S. DeTurk, Robert W. Eshbach, David K. Ripley, Peter W. Urquhart, Larry J. Veal
Assistant Professors: Daniel Beller-McKenna, Andrew A. Boysen, Lori E. Dobbins, William G. Kempster
Instructor: Marilyn L. McCoy
Lecturers: Thomas B. Keck, Arlene P. Kies
Adjunct Faculty: John Boden, Mimi Bravar, Les Harris, Jr., Margaret Herlehy, David Howse, John B. Hunter, Radmila A. Hvezda, Christopher Kane, David Newsam, Janet E. Polk, Mark Shilansky, Nancy Smith, Demetrius Spaneas

Philosophy (PHIL)


Chairperson: Robert C. Scharff
Professors: Willem A. deVries, R. Valentine Dusek, David R. Hiley, Robert C. Scharff, Duane H. Whittier, Charlotte Elizabeth Witt
Associate Professors: Drew Christie, Paul McNamara, Ruth J. Sample, Timm A. Triplett
Assistant Professors: Kathy Miriam, Nicholas J. Smith

Political Science (POLT)


Chairperson: John R. Kayser
Professors: Marilyn Hoskin, B. Thomas Trout
Associate Professors: Marla A. Brettschneider, Warren R. Brown, John R. Kayser, Aline M. Kuntz, Lawrence C. Reardon, Susan J. Siggelakis, Clifford J. Wirth
Assistant Professors: Todd A. Eisenstadt, Daniel R. Krislov, Bernard T. Schuman, Stacy D. VanDeveer, J. Mark Wrighton

Psychology (PSYC)


Chairperson: Kenneth Fuld
Professors: Victor A. Benassi, Ellen S. Cohn, Peter S. Fernald, Kenneth Fuld, Benjamin Harris, Robert G. Mair, John D. Mayer, Edward J. O’Brien, Rebecca M. Warner, William R. Woodward
Associate Professors: Victoria L. Banyard, Robert C. Drugan, John E. Limber, Carolyn J. Mebert, William Wren Stine, Daniel C. Williams
Assistant Professors: J. Pablo Chavajay, Michelle D. Leichtman, Amy L. Odum
Research Assistant Professors: Lisa M. Jones, Kimberly J. Mitchell, Timothy A. Shahan
Lecturers: Mark J. Henn, Richard I. Kushner, Peter Yarensky
Academic Counselor: Janice Chadwick

Sociology (SOC)


Chairperson: Lawrence C. Hamilton
Professors: Melvin T. Bobick, David Finkelhor, Lawrence C. Hamilton, Murray A. Straus, Sally Ward
Associate Professors: Linda M. Blum, Benjamin C. Brown, Michele Dillon, James Tucker, Heather A. Turner
Assistant Professors: Sharyn J. Potter, Cesar Rebellon, John B. Strait, Karen VanGundy
Adjunct Faculty: Jean Elson, Anne D. Nordstrom, Priscilla S. Reinertsen

Theatre and Dance (THDA)


Chairperson: H. Gay Nardone
Professors: Carol Lucha-Burns, David M. Richman
Associate Professors: Joan W. Churchill, David J. Kaye, Deborah A. Kinghorn, H. Gay Nardone, David L. Ramsey, Charles L. Robertson
Lecturers: Carol J. Fisher, Ruth J. Grossen, Sarah Jane Marschner, Daniel J. Raymond
Adjunct Faculty: Adrienne B. Hounse

Women’s Studies (WS)


Coordinator, Women’s Studies Program: Susan D. Franzosa
Core Faculty: Kristine M. Baber, Family Studies; Victoria L. Banyard, Psychology; Linda M. Blum, Sociology; Marla A. Brettschneider, Political Science; Susan D. Franzosa, Education; Diane P. Freedman, English; Cinthia Gannett, English; Marc W. Herold, Economics; Nancy Lukens, Languages, Literatures, and Cultures; Kathy Miriam, Philosophy; Mary M. Moynihan, Women’s Studies; Janet L. Polasky, History; Mary E. Rhiel, Languages, Literatures, and Cultures; Julia E. Rodriguez, History; Juliette M. Rogers, Languages, Literatures, and Cultures; Susan Schibanoff, English; Jennifer D. Selwyn, History; Raelene Shippee-Rice, Nursing; Mara R. Witzling, Art and Art History.
Associate Professors: Linda M. Blum, Marla A. Brettschneider
Research Associate Professor: Mary M. Moynihan
Assistant Professor: Julia E. Rodriguez

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