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Arthur Greenberg, Dean
Robert Henry, Associate Dean

Programs of Study
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The College of Engineering and Physical Sciences provides an opportunity for students to achieve educational objectives appropriate to their interests in engineering, mathematics, and the physical sciences. The college offers an education in each of its primary disciplines leading to the bachelor of science, as well as bachelor of art degrees with majors in mathematics and each of the three physical sciences. All programs include an opportunity for study in the arts, humanities, and social sciences

The key to an undergraduate program in the college is flexibility, with a strong emphasis on personal and individualized education. In addition to specific programs, a number of options are available. Special programs can be developed to meet the specific interests of individual students.

Degree Requirement

MATH 425 and 426 (Calculus I and II) or the equivalent in transfer credits or advanced placement approved by the Department of Mathematics and Statistics are required by all departments of the college for their majors. Prerequisites for calculus are three years of college-preparatory mathematics, including a half-year of trigonometry. Before students can register for MATH 425, they are required to take the Mathematics Placement Test.

Mathematics Placement

First-year students arrive with a wide range of mathematical skills based on high school preparation. We want you to build skills, so you will enjoy an enriched first-semester experience. We will assess your mathematics development during Orientation and enroll you in the class that will allow you to continue that development. The initial entry course is Analysis and Applications of Functions (MATH 418). However, a placement test will be given to allow a student to place out of MATH 418 into MATH 425 (Calculus I). If you have received AP credit for Calculus I and/or Calculus II, you may elect to accept those credits and continue with a math course at the next level.

A semester course load usually consists of four 4-credit courses. First-year students usually take courses numbered in the 400s and 500s.


The baccalaureate-level programs in chemical, civil, electrical, and mechanical engineering are accredited by the Engineering Accreditation Commission of the Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology. The baccalaureate-level program in computer science is accredited by the Computer Science Accreditation Commission of the Computing Sciences Accreditation Board. The Department of Chemistry’s undergraduate bachelor of science program is approved by the American Chemical Society.


Bachelor of Science

The programs leading to the bachelor of science degree, offered in each of the departments of the college, emphasize the preparation of students for a professional career and continuing or graduate education.

The degree requirements for the bachelor of science include the University general education requirements (page 17) and the specific departmental requirements for graduation. A minimum grade-point average of 2.00 must be achieved. Graduation credit requirements established by the departments range from 128 to 134. There are enrollment limitations in some programs, and it is not possible to guarantee all change-of-major requests.

Bachelor of Arts

Programs leading to a bachelor of arts degree are offered in the departments of chemistry, earth sciences, mathematics, and physics. These programs provide a broad liberal education along with a major in one of these fields. The University requirements for the bachelor of arts degree are on page 18.

Programs of Study, Interdisciplinary and Other Programs

CEPS.pdf This file replicates the printed information in the UNH Course Catalog 2003-04 for the College of Liberal Arts. It includes degree requirements, interdisciplinary and other programs offered by the College, and specific information for each of the College's programs of study.

Faculty and Courses

Chemical Engineering (CHE)


Chairperson: Stephen S.T. Fan
Professors: Dale P. Barkey, Russell T. Carr, Stephen S.T. Fan, Ihab H. Farag, Virendra K. Mathur, Palligarnai T. Vasudevan
Affiliate Professor: Joseph J. Paterno
Associate Professor: Donald C. Sundberg
Assistant Professor: Nivedita R. Gupta

Chemistry (CHEM


Chairperson: Howard R. Mayne
Professors: Christopher F. Bauer, N. Dennis Chasteen, Arthur Greenberg, Richard P. Johnson, Howard R. Mayne, W. Rudolf Seitz, Sterling A. Tomellini, Gary R. Weisman, Edward H. Wong
Research Professor: Vernon N. Reinhold
Associate Professors: Steven B. Levery, Glen P. Miller, Roy Paul Planalp, Charles K. Zercher

Civil Engineering (CIE)


Chairperson: Jean Benoit
Professors: Jean Benoit, Michael R. Collins, Pedro A. de Alba, David L. Gress, Nancy E. Kinner, James P. Malley
Research Professor: T. Taylor Eighmy
Associate Professors: Thomas P. Ballestero, Raymond A. Cook, Charles H. Goodspeed, Robert M. Henry
Research Associate Professor: Kevin H. Gardner
Assistant Professor: Jo S. Daniel
Research Assistant Professor: Jeffrey S. Melton

Computer Science (CS)


Chairperson: Philip J. Hatcher
Professors: R. Daniel Bergeron, Pilar de la Torre, Ted M. Sparr, Colin Ware
Associate Professors: Robert D. Russell, James L. Weiner
Affiliate Associate Professor: Sylvia Weber Russell
Assistant Professors: Radim Bartos, Michel Charpentier, Alejandro Hausner, Zachary Rubinstein, Elizabeth Varki
Affiliate Assistant Professors: Elise H. Turner, Roy M. Turner
Instructors: Mark L. Bochert, Michael Gildersleeve, Ellen M. Hepp, Brian L. Johnson, Israel J. Yost

Earth Sciences (ESCI)


Chairperson: J. Matthew Davis
Professors: Francis S. Birch, Wallace A. Bothner, S. Lawrence Dingman, Theodore C. Loder III, Larry A. Mayer, Karen L. Von Damm
Research Professors: Janet W. Campbell, Patrick M. Crill, Dork L. Sahagian, Robert W. Talbot, Charles J. Vorosmarty
Affiliate Professors: P. Thompson Davis, Berrien Moore III, Peter J. Thompson, David R. Wunsch
Associate Professors: J. Matthew Davis, Jo Laird
Research Associate Professors: Jack E. Dibb, Stephen E. Frolking, Michael L. Prentice, Larry G. Ward
Affiliate Associate Professor: Barry D. Keim
Assistant Professors: Julia G. Bryce, William C. Clyde, Robert J. Griffin, Joseph M. Licciardi, James M. Pringle
Research Assistant Professor: Cameron P. Wake

Electrical and Computer Engineering (ECE)


Chairperson: John R. LaCourse
Professors: Kent A. Chamberlin, Christian P. De Moustier, L. Gordon Kraft, John R. LaCourse, W. Thomas Miller III, Paul J. Nahin, Andrzej Rucinski, Kondagunta U. Sivaprasad

Environmental Engineering (ENE)


Professors: Dale P. Barkey, Russell T. Carr, Michael R. Collins, Ihab H. Farag, Nancy E. Kinner, James P. Malley, Virendra K. Mathur, Palligarnai T. Vasudevan
Research Professor: T. Taylor Eighmy
Associate Professor: Thomas P. Ballestero
Research Associate Professor: Kevin H. Gardner
Affiliate Professor: Stuart M. Selikowitz
Associate Professors: Michael J. Carter, Allen D. Drake, Richard A. Messner
Research Associate Professors: David J. Forrest, William H. Lenharth
Affiliate Associate Professor: Charles H. Bianchi
Assistant Professors: Andrew L. Kun, Jianqiu Zhang
Research Assistant Professor: Brian P. Calder
Affiliate Assistant Professors: Raymond J. Garbos, Paul W. Latham II
Senior Lecturer: Barbara D. Rucinska
Instructor: Francis C. Hludik, Jr.

Mathematics and Statistics (MATH)


Chairperson: Karen J. Graham
Professors: Kenneth I. Appel, Albert B. Bennett, Jr., Marie A. Gaudard, Liming Ge, Karen J. Graham, Donald W. Hadwin, Rita A. Hibschweiler, A. Robb Jacoby, Ernst Linder, Eric A. Nordgren, Samuel D. Shore, Kevin M. Short
Associate Professors: Kelly J. Black, David V. Feldman, William E. Geeslin, Edward K. Hinson, Berrien Moore III
Assistant Professors: Maria Basterra, Mitrajit Dutta, John B. Geddes, Sonia Hristovich, Linyuan Li, Yeping Li, Dmitri A. Nikshych
Instructor: Philip J. Ramsey
Lecturers: Zhaozhi Fan, Gertrud L. Kraut, Mehmet Orhon, Yitang Zhang

Mechanical Engineering (ME)


Chairperson: Barbaros Celikkol
Professors: Kenneth C. Baldwin, Barbaros Celikkol, Barry K. Fussell, Todd Stuart Gross, Robert Jerard, M. Robinson Swift
Associate Professors: James E. Krzanowski, John Philip McH, David W. Watt
Assistant Professors: Gregory P. Chini, Brad Lee Kinsey, May-Win L. Thein, Igor I. Tsukrov
Research Assistant Professor: David W. Fredriksson

Physics (PHYS)


Chairperson: John F. Dawson
Professors: L. Christian Balling, John R. Calarco, Edward L. Chupp, John F. Dawson, Olof Echt, James M.E. Harper, Jochen Heisenberg, F. William Hersman, Joseph Hollweg, Richard L. Kaufmann, Martin A. Lee, Eberhard Mobius, James M. Ryan, Harvey K. Shepard, Roy B. Torbert, John J. Wright
Research Professors: Terry Forbes, Philip A. Isenberg, R. Bruce McKibben
Associate Professors: James Connell, Lynn M. Kistler, Dawn C. Meredith
Research Associate Professors: David J. Forrest, Antoinette B. Galvin, Clifford Lopate, Mark L. McConnell, Jack M. Quinn
Assistant Professors: N. Per Berglund, Maurik Holtrop, Karsten Pohl

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