War & Peace

Thursday A.M. ~ 10:00 - 11:30

Coordinator:  Mary P. Woodward

Contact:  (603) 659-6239 or mhwoodward@comcast.net

Location:  Durham Community Church


The program's guest speakers will draw on their deep expertise that collectively ranges across the fields of law, history, peacebuilding and philosophy to delve into the American military experience and related issues of justice, peace and transformation that have emerged from it.


October 23 – Women and Peace Building in the 20th Century.   Presenter:  Dr. Melinda Salazar, PhD, Educator, Consultant and Artist Educating for a Peaceful and Sustainable Future.

October 30 – Those Who Have Borne the Battle.  Presenters:  President Emeritus James E. Wright, former president of Dartmouth College and also Eleazar Wheelock Professor of History, Dartmouth College and a veteran of the US Marines.

November 6 – Poison Gas Containment after WWI and Arms Control.  Presenter:  Professor Marion Girard-Dorsey, Associate Professor (JD/PhD), Dept. of History, UNH.

November 13 – Is Sustained Peace Possible? Presenter:  Ruth Sample, Associate Professor, Department of Philosophy, UNH.