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  • Jennifer Merriam To Be Recognized at ARA Annual Meeting

    Jennifer Ellis Merriam will be an honored guest at the ARA Annual Meeting on May 8. Jenn has been the leader of the very popular Exercise Program since 2001 when she took over for Bob Wear.  The program which was a chair aerobics program under Bob's leadership, morphed into the Fitness Pod of today.  Through it all, Jenn is the glue that held it all together! The decision to disband the group at the end of this year was a difficult one -- but even really good things sometimes have to end. If you have participated in the Fitness Group over the years, please join us at the Annual Meeting to say thank you to Jenn for her tireless support.

  • Friends Doing Stuff (FDS) POD

    The Friends Doing Stuff POD is back by popular demand.  But, we're trying something different.  We're planning a once a month get-together from 7 - 9 p.m.  Let's play games, watch a DVD (member suggestions), share some food or something else a member may suggest.  We thought scheduling this for the evening was a good complement to the day activities already planned by the Program Committee.

    Valerie Allen is the POD leader and she would be happy to answer your questions or provide further information.  Send her an email or phone her at 603-905-9892.

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  • The Member Bulletin Board

    Don't forget to check out the Member Bulletin Board.  We provide this web page for members to post information on activities and events which may be of interest to other members of the Organization.