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  • Help Wanted!

    Did you learn something, have a laugh, or make a connection from a program you attended this year? Did you notice how the sound and picture quality of movies and music programs you attended has improved? Did you go to a General Meeting or luncheon and enjoy some delicious treats and an entertaining speaker/entertainer? Did you go on a Tour? What about a POD -- did you join the walkers, bikers, painters, or get help from the Dover High kids with your technology needs? If you had a question, was someone responsive to your request?

    If you answered "yes" to just one or to all of these questions, you have an ARA VOLUNTEER to thank. Volunteers are the engine that keeps the ARA running and growing. Would you want to remain a member of this organization if all of these opportunities were NOT available to you?

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  • Check out the PODS!

    Want to learn more about the PODS (Programs on Demand) that are currently (or soon to be) available for your participation or perhaps become a POD person?   Do you have an idea for a special interest POD?  Bird Watching?  Beachcombing?  Cooking?  Meditation/Yoga?  Click here for more information.

  • The Member Bulletin Board

    Don't forget to check out the Member Bulletin Board.  We provide this web page for members to post information on activities and events which may be of interest to other members of the Organization.