Leadership Labs

The list of Leadership Labs given below was what took place during the Spring 2012 semester. Every semester is slightly different and the listing below is now no longer used, but this still serves as a very good example of what you can expect to see in a Leadership Lab from our detachment.

LLAB 1: Introductory Cadet Briefings

This LLAB concentrated on briefings that were critical to how the semester would go. Briefings included Uniform wear, AAS Candidate, and Drill Team along with the Operations Flight Commander (OFC) briefing.

LLAB 2:FTP Realization Night

This was the first step in training the current FTP's (sophomores) for Field Training. Training included transitory drill, warrior knowledge, and Drill and Ceremonies.

LLAB 3:Drill and Ceremonies

This lab opened with a briefing in the Memorial Union Building: Theater 1 by a guest speaker. Concluding his brief, cadets transited to the Granite State Room and worked on basic drill and ceremonies. This included Guideon Procedure, Counter March, and an Open Ranks Inspection.

LLAB 4:Group Leadership Problem Lab

Cadets completed a series of problems as a group. A leader was elected who practiced leadership and delegation. The members of the team learned proper followership and worked together to complete their tasks.


In this lab, cadets learned how to properly stop and check a vehicle at a road block, halt someone walking towards them and check them, write an operations order, clear a room, and treat common wounds sustained in combat.

LLAB 7:Paintball Tactics Lab

The wing transited to Boscawen Prison to go through scenarios of achieving a certain objective. Objectives varied from retrieving intel, rescuing a hostage, or clearing the room. The lab had simulated opposition, the POC with paintball markers, who tried to stop the mission carried out by the GMC.

LLAB 8:Career Night

During this lab, the cadets gained exposure from multiple members of the military about different jobs and what they consist of. A few in attendance included a Marine recruiter, Air National Guard member, retired pilot, Intel and Acquisitions officers, and Security Forces members.

LLAB 9:Warrior Challenge Lab

This lab consisted of a workout used in AFSOPT or Air Forces Special Operations Physical Training sessions. Such workouts included buddy carries, tire flips, fire hoses, low crawls and bear crawls.


This LLAB is run and put together by the FTPs. This year we had a PT component, a lesson on how to call squadron marching for the IMTs, and a Warrior Knowledge quiz.

LLAB 11:Simulated War Games

During this lab we used a wargaming simulator in a computer lab. The objective was to use your resources, including a wide variety of airframes, and treat it like a real event. Some missions included rescuing downed crews, destroying SAM sites, and rendering 3 important bases ineffective. The airframes faced opposition from mobile SAM sites and other enemy airframes.


This LLab was taught by the AS400s after being trained for two days by Air Force SERE Instructors in Maine. The lab consisted of trap making, knot tying, fire craft, shelter building, and land navigating.

LLAB 13:Day Away

The first part of Day Away was for the FTPs only. They stayed overnight at Ft. Devens with the WPI AFROTC cadets. They went through what a night at Field Training might be like. In the morning, they woke up and had a PT session before the IMTs arrived. Once the IMT's arrived, they went through several LRCs (Leadership Reaction Courses) to show their leadership capabilities.

LLAB 14:Commander's Call/Briefings/EOY Skits

This lab had briefings and the Commander's Call at the beginning, followed by the end of the year skits put on by each AS level. The skits are a fun activity to portray the events that occured over the semester that were memorable.

LLAB 15:Military Ball/Final Parade/Awards Ceremony

This is the final lab of the semester and consists of a Pass In Review and Change of Command in the morning, followed by an awards ceremony. After the ceremony, in the early evening we had the Military Ball.