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University of New Hampshire

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EVENTS and Opportunities
  • 2013 Advance Collaborative Scholarships Awarded
    ADVANCE Collaborative scholarships were awarded to four UNH Faculty/Research teams.
    Awards are designed to enhance collaboration between research and tenure track faculty in the STEM disciplines. Read more...

  • 2013 Karen Von Damm Leadership Development Grant
    Jo Daniel, UNH Assoc. Professor, Civil Engineering, was awarded a Karen Von Damm Leadership Development Grant. Read more...


Recruitment and Retention

UNH ADVANCE recognizes the need to remain compeititve in recruiting and retaining talented employees and will be evaluating workplace practices of employers of choice.

Sustainable institutional transformation will include increasing the number, retention, and success of women faculty, primarily, but not solely, in the STEM disciplines.

Focus will be on improved support and department-level climate, empowering success, developing formal mentoring policies, and establishing quick-action ability for retention.

UNH ADVANCE will create and maintain a campus-wide awareness of the these goals and address policy changes to meet these initiatives.

Check back frequently for updates.