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EVENTS and Opportunities
  • 2013 Advance Collaborative Scholarships Awarded
    ADVANCE Collaborative scholarships were awarded to four UNH Faculty/Research teams.
    Awards are designed to enhance collaboration between research and tenure track faculty in the STEM disciplines. Read more...

  • 2013 Karen Von Damm Leadership Development Grant
    Jo Daniel, UNH Assoc. Professor, Civil Engineering, was awarded a Karen Von Damm Leadership Development Grant. Read more...


Building on an

The UNH ADVANCE institutional transformation grant, UNH Unbiased, begins with knowledge gained under a 2009 ADVANCE PAID grant: Enhancing and Advancing the Scholarship of STEM Women Faculty at UNH.

The 2009 ADVANCE PAID grant strengthened mentoring and professional development for UNH STEM faculty, implemented a partnership program between tenure-track and research faculty, supported female faculty in pursuing leadership opportunities, and collected and analyzed institutional data.

The ADVANCE PAID faculty climate study and institutional data pointed to UNH's need for change in specific areas. UNH ADVANCE IT grant will support this transition to the next level — UNH Unbiased.

Check back for information on working groups for our key initiatives, organizational structure, and more.

ADVANCE PAID Opportunities at UNH...