Jerome P. Claverie

Associate Research Professor
Nanostructured Polymers Reseach Center (NPRC)
Materials Science Program
University of New Hampshire
Durham, NH, 03824
Tel (office) : 603 862 1446
Fax : 603 862 1446
Tel (lab) : 603 862 3944

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The Polymer Nanoparticles Laboratory (ie Claverie’s lab) is part of the Nanostructured Polymers Research Center . Our research focus is the development of new synthetic strategies for producing polymers in water. Our projects are not restricted to the preparation of polymers in aqueous solution, but they also encompass biphasic environments where water is the continuous medium. Our research is interdisciplinary, addressing problems at the interface of organic, organometallic, colloidal and polymer chemistry. Polymer synthesis assisted by organic and organometallic catalysts or controllers is the common denominator to all the projects. In this respect, my group has a strong synthetic component, but we have also an interest in the characterization and applications of the materials we generate with these techniques. Via the making of “well-defined” organic materials, we strive to unravel structure/property relationships.

News (June 2006):  Jerome Claverie has been awarded the Rohm and Haas New Faculty Award for 2006!