Reconciling the Effects of Historic Land Use and Disturbance on Conservation of Biodiversity in Managed Forests in the Northeastern United States

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Welcome to the home page of NCSSF Project B1.1 at the University of New Hampshire.

The goal of our research is to reconcile 400 years of land use and disturbance in managed forests of the northeastern United States. We conducted a literature review to: 1) describe presettlement vegetation and the major natural disturbances / ecological processes that influenced these forests before European colonization, 2) describe the effects of land-use on these forests since European colonization ~1600 AD, and 3) suggest sustainable forest management practices that can restore a range of natural habitat elements to forest landscapes that today lack natural structural variability and age distribution. This site is designed to provide both practical and educational resources for foresters, landowners, and the general public.

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