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UNH Moonbuggy

What is “The Great Moonbuggy Race?”

In April of 2005, “The Great Moonbuggy Race,” will take place.  At that time, the team will have designed and built a human powered vehicle similar to the vehicles that first roamed on the moon in the 1960s.  The vehicle must carry one male and one female and be capable of successfully completing over a half mile of simulated lunar terrain.  This course requires that the vehicle be capable of climbing over craters and ridges and driving through lunar soil and over inclines.  A complete list of rules and regulations can be found at the Great Moonbuggy Race website.


 Why is UNH involved in the race?

                 As senior mechanical engineers at UNH, we are required to choose a year long design project that encourages the use of the knowledge and skills we’ve acquired over the last three years.  The project requires the students to design, analyze and manufacture their idea as well as budget their expenses and fundraise. In 2001, UNH designed and manufactured a vehicle which placed second overall in the competition and second place in the design portion. The project was not picked up again until this year. This year, members of the moonbuggy team are looking to create a more successful and original vehicle.


 What is our mission?

We are proposing to design, analyze and manufacture this vehicle so that it is ready to compete in the race on April 1st, 2005.  We hope to create a vehicle that does not only perform but is also original and sets our vehicle apart from those in past and present competitions. The return on this investment will not only be the fulfillment of seeing our vehicle compete and succeed, but also the ability to bring the competition back into play at UNH and possibly get interest from some sports enthusiast looking for a new “toy.”