MaC Topics for Calculus Students

UNH Mathematics Center

Hello, Calculus students! This page is an index to the topics pages we are accumulating for your use. The first page we wrote was about fractions. You can reach the fractions page from here.

There are trig pages you can reach from here. First, you can reach the trig page from here. You can also go directly to a page about inverse trig functions if you want to see something about those small, but curiously useful, functions.

You can also see - or print out - that old favorite, MaC's trig review sheet.

You can also find a page about logarithms which we think will be helpful to look at, especially if you are going to be working on the logarithms-topic in MaC.

We remind you that some of these pages are recent additions. If there are things you don't understand about them there's a good chance that other students won't, either. So, we'd be glad to hear from you about your questions.

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