Crash Location Information Program

Last Updated 23 September 2003


Phase I of CLIP is a computer software program (ARMS) that records traffic collision information and generates the New Hampshire Uniform Police Traffic Accident Report. One part of the program is used to locate the NHDOT nodes on an electronic map; the other part records the traffic collision information.  CLIP was developed by NHDOT in conjunction with the NH State Police and is being offered to local police departments to improve the accuracy of collision reporting and to help reduce paperwork.  Training is offered on an as needed basis.  Please contact the manager for arrangements. 

Phase 2 of CLIP is underway.  ESRI’s ArcView, a very popular Geographic Information System (GIS) software package, will be used by the municipality for safety analyses and will incorporate the collision data from Phase I onto an electronic map to detect collision trends, problem areas or intersections, and to provide support for grant applications.  Click for more information.  Please check the Training Schedule for dates and locations or to register online.  Training sessions are currently scheduled through June 2003 and are expected to continue in Fall.

Phase 3 is scheduled to begin in late Fall 2003 and will entail new reporting software that includes a sketching package, GPS to be used to locate the accident, and the report can be submitted electronically for review and to Concord.

Nodal Map Manual (PDF) - Requires Adobe Acrobat Reader

Accident Reporting Manual (PDF) - Requires Adobe Acrobat Reader

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