Be a part of the pride!

June 1st – 30th

Be a part of the pride!

The UNH 50k Challenge Is Complete!

The results are in – and the winners are:

winners of the UNH $50k challenge

If you missed the 50k Challenge's June 30 cut-off, don't worry – you can still support the student-focused program of your choice using any of the links on this site. Although new donations will not count as votes in determining challenge prizes, they will still impact those meaningful programs and show off your Wildcat pride!

How it works

$50,000 has been pledged to challenge alumni participation!

  • Challenge begins June 1 – Ends June 30
  • 3 Prize amounts to the programs with the most donors
  • Prize money will be directed to student support
  • Check-in at daily to see our leaderboard
  • Tell everyone you donated (#UNH50k)

Your participation will:

  • Transform UNH pride into action
  • Assist UNH in securing grant money for students and programs
  • Help UNH continue to rise in the rankings of U.S. News & World Reports’ Best Colleges in the U.S.
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Challenge Programs

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Show your support by adding the #UNH50k Challenge" hashtag to your avatar - Upload now

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